What happened to the 7-11 on Clement?

I saw a story in the Examiner recently about 7-11’s plan to open more locations within San Francisco. That got me to thinking about the one that used to be at 10th & Clement until several months ago when it mysteriously disappeared. No signs or anything were posted about its demise; not even a note directing us to the one on 15th and Geary.

So I contacted the 7-11 PR representative, Margaret Chabris, who is named in the Examiner story. I asked her why the one on Clement closed and if there were plans to re-open it. She responded quickly to let me know that the lease for that location had come up for renewal, but due to that location’s underperformance, it was decided to not renew the lease and instead focus on the nearby Geary location. I guess the Clement location didn’t quite master the “very sophisticated system” for managing its product line and boosting sales.

Ms. Chabris added that “If an attractive site becomes available in Richmond in the future we would definitely consider it”. I guess my neighbors weren’t buying enough beer, donuts and slurpees. Darn! Now where do I go when I have a late night craving for Ho-Hos or need milk on my way home? 😉

All jokes aside, no one likes to look at the eyesore that’s there now with boarded up windows and empty marquees, especially in a prime corner spot. Hopefully we’ll see something new open there soon. What would you like to see take over that space? And please don’t say a Starbucks…

Sarah B.


  1. The only two things I think that stretch of Clement is missing is a burrito shop & a DVD rental place. Either one would make me very happy.

  2. Ooo, a burrito shop would be excelente. I would love Gordo’s to move in there.

    You should check out the new Richmond Library for DVDs; when I was at the opening I saw as many people with DVDs in their hand as I did books.

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