Green Apple hits middle-age, with 10 more years on the horizon

If you see the Green Apple mascot speeding by in a Ferrari around the neighborhood, it’s because the store has officially hit middle age. This month, everyone’s favorite bookstore turns 42.

The Green Apple Core, the store’s blog, has a nice writeup about the history of the store along with some great pics (I’ve included a couple of them below).

When the store first opened in 1976, it consisted of 900 square feet of used books and magazines, and shared space with a shoe repair business.

Today they’re up to about 8,000 square feet that includes used books, new books, comics, the mezzanine, the second floor, the Granny Smith room, and, beginning in 1996, the music annex next door.

About twelve years ago, founder Rich Savoy sold the store to a creative triumvirate of employees who between them, have 56 years of Green Apple under their belts. That’s a lot of customers served and shelves stacked! Savoy is now literally enjoying the fruits of his labor at his vineyard in Boonville, where he grows pinot noir and other grapes for sale to top Anderson Valley winemakers.

And the best news of all is that Green Apple just signed a ten year lease on both buildings. So your best local source for books and music will be staying put for quite awhile.

I look forward to throwing an “over the hill” party when their book-toting, apple-eating mascot starts drawing social security. 😉

Sarah B.

The early days of Green Apple Books at 506 Clement Street

Founder and owner Rich Savoy behind the counter in the 1970s

More photos were added to their blog on Sept 8.