Surfer rescued off the rocks near the Cliff House

Me thinks someone’s “I will start surfing!” New Year’s resolution may have gone awry…

According to our friends over at SFAppeal, the SF Fire Department had to rescue a surfer who was stranded on the rocks near the Cliff House restaurant around 11:30 this morning.

“One of the surfers was pulled out a bit and the surfer made it to the rocks and was awaiting assistance,” fire spokeswoman Lt. Mindy Talmadge said.

A Coast Guard helicopter and small boat were called to the scene. Eventually the surfer (and board?) was airlifted to the shore around 12:15pm.

Watch video of the rescue and an interview with the surfer, Tim Terry, at KTVU.com.

Glad the surfer is ok! Let’s hope the sea lions and birds were hospitable during his visit. 😉

Sarah B.

Photos by Gary Jung, SFGate.com


  1. I wonder if the diners at Louis’ were like, “Hey, look, a sea lion…who is..waving?”

  2. An amazing amount of resources brought in on this rescue. Truck 14 had their ladder up in front of the Cliff House as an observation perch. Engine 14, the surf rescue units, batallion chief, more responders than tourists! The inexperienced surfer was plucked off the rocks with the help of the Coast Guard Helicopter and rescue swimmer, then dropped on Ocean Beach. Several of San Francisco’s finest had an opportunity for an impromptu drill to retrieve the board and got a dip in the cool Ocean -52 degrees yow! The Fire Department swimmers actually were joking about warming up at Louie’s. Every year there are plenty of folks surfers and tourists that walk out on the rocks or get stranded and need help. Kids don’t try this at home!
    Well done to all involved

  3. Do you tip the Coast Guard for something like this?
    “Thanks guys, here’s $5 for the trouble.”

  4. Interview:

    “Yeah, I listen to the Beach Boys and I took swimming lessons when I was six, so now
    that I’m 27 and back living at home I figured it was time to go surfing at Ocean Beach.
    Maybe I’ll stick to video games from now on. Damn, it’s cold out there.”

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