Slip n’ slide at Sutro Baths (video)

Came across these fun clips of Sutro Baths from the Library of Congress Edison films catalog. Filmed August 22, 1897. Looks like fun!

Sarah B.


  1. Great find! That’s the only video I’ve ever seen of the Sutro Baths…

  2. I especially love the women playing king of the mountain on the rafts and pushing each other off into the water. Not to mention their creativity in how they come down the slide…

    Sarah B.

  3. I love the extremely serious “Library of Congress!” voice that introduces…a water slide video. Looks like the Sutro Baths were a fun place!

  4. I love the fact that you can jump off the side of the wall onto a diving board, then into the pool. One woman does a 1-1/2 fwd. flip at the end!

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