Sutro Baths footage from 1958 film, “The Lineup”

Spots Unknown came across a great assembly of clips from the 1958 film “The Lineup” that take place at Sutro Baths. At that time, it was called “Sutro’s” and the pools had been covered over with ice rinks. Sutro’s burned down just 8 years later in 1966.

Because the video below contains just the relevant clips of Sutro’s from the film, it won’t make a bit of sense. As Spots Unknown put it, “it involves one terribly sketchy Eli Wallach, a mysterious dude in a wheelchair, a cop, a blimp, and nuns.” Great shots of both the exterior and interior of the play palace.

What a great record of what used to be! Enjoy,

Sarah B.

[via Eye on Blogs]


  1. The film only shows the ice rink , the other pools so often depicted in posters were still there. We played tag and heats in the old pools closed off to the public in the fifties. The ice rink covered the huge pool ; the diving and warm and hot pools were in the back which we accessed through broken windows and doors. They had the stadium seats too and old locker rooms.

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