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Inside the Columbarium

[Technically this landmark is outside the boundaries that I cover here on the blog, but the Columbarium is such an interesting place that it’s hard not to mention it when things come up.]

If you want to be buried in San Francisco, the Columbarium is your only bet.

The magnificent building is located at 1 Loraine Court, just off Anza Street across from Rossi Playground. The Columbarium used to be part of the much larger Odd Fellows Cemetery back in the early days of San Francisco (more on the Richmond District’s early cemeteries).

Inside the building are thousands of small niches where people’s remains and momentos are preserved. Every niche is different, a fascinating look into the final remembrances of a person’s life. Some niches are occupied by couples, others by individuals.

The Columbarium is run by the Neptune Society and there are a few openings still available in the historic building. The building is open to the public Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 3pm.

Our local hipstamatic photog, RCinSF, took a trip to the Columbarium recently; you can see all their interesting photos in the slideshow below (the first is set to music).

Sarah B.

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2:23 pm | Posted under History, Photos | 3 comments
  1. Paul K. Sholar said (05/20/10; 9:22 pm):

    Grace Cathedral has brochures describing their own columbarium found in the Chapel of St. Francis. So there is at least one other option today in SF beyond the big C.

  2. Administrator said (05/20/10; 11:31 pm):

    Great bit of information! Thanks, Paul.

    Sarah B.

  3. Looking skyward | Richmond District Blog of San Francisco (richmondsfblog.com) said (08/30/10; 4:32 pm):

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