Secret sushi spot?

In today’s Chronicle, columnist C.W. Nevius leaves us hanging with a less than complete description about a “sensational sushi place out in the Richmond that has devoted customers waiting outside the door for as long as an hour.”

A couple of caveats: incredibly small; a strict list of rules ranging from “No complaining” to “No fork, no Coke”; and not open on weekends.

One more thing – I can’t give you the name. First, because it doesn’t appear to have a name on the front. And second, when I asked if I could mention them in The Chronicle, I was given an emphatic one-word answer – “No!”

So, RichmondSFBlog readers, where is this sensational, secret spot?

Sarah B.

P.S. I really don’t know – I’m asking you guys! Someone emailed me with this: “I *think* he’s talking about the place on Balboa btwn 6th and 7th.” Could this be the place?

P.P.S. – It is indeed Tekka at 537 Balboa. SFAppeal has a good shot of the rules sign in the window. Gotta wonder what that third rule is that has tape over it…


  1. @Alex – No, meaning that’s not the spot? Or you won’t share he secret? 😉

    A tweeter seems to think it might be Okina Sushi at Arguello and Cabrillo…

    Sarah B.

  2. No, in the crotchety spirit of the place 🙂

    It is definitely Tekka on Balboa. I lived two blocks away. The “rules” sign is posted in the window. I have heard that it was a gift, and that they aren’t strictly enforced; that said, I haven’t violated any of them.

  3. I love Tekka. It is easily overlooked since Sushi Bistro is a few blocks down and much more popular. Usually try and get there right after work, and usually four or five people ahead of me.

  4. Yes, i knew it was Tekka as well. Another similar place that is rarely open but very great is hidden next to the Arguello super market.

    On a seperate note, this is one of the first things that the recent suburban transplant (Nevius) has expressed that he likes about the city.

  5. Nate or anyone else: What’s the name of the place next to the Arguello supermarket, and what are its hours? I have run by there a number of times and always wondered if it’s any good. Would love to hear more about it.

  6. Thanks everyone. We’re always looking for good sushi in the neighborhood.

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