Dahlia show in Golden Gate Park this weekend

Photos by Eric in SF

This weekend, the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park plays host to an annual celebration of the official flower of San Francisco – the dahlia.

The dahlia became San Francisco’s official flower after the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution on October 4, 1926:

WHEREAS, the Dahlia has reached its highest perfection in and about San Francisco, and because Dahlias originated in San Francisco are grown in gardens all over the world; and

WHEREAS, the Dahlia partakes essentially of the character of our beloved city, in birth, breeding and habit, for it was originally Mexican, carried thence to Spain, to France and England in turn, being changed in the process from a simple daisy-like wild flower to a cosmopolitan beauty. It has come back to San Francisco like the sophisticated world traveler it is, to find its favorite home here, where it thrives in the cool summers and the moist air of our fog-swept, sandy gardens by the sea;

Read more at sfdahlia.org

The annual Dahlia Show will take place on Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm at the Hall of Flowers, 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way.

I was amazed by the variety of dahlias I came across during my search for photos, and the show promises dahlias shaped like “tiny pompoms to giant dinnerplate dahlias”. Check out more photos by the photographer of the ones above – beautiful!

The Chronicle also has a nice profile of some passionate dahlia gardeners.

Sarah B.


  1. Dahlias are pretty awesome – I didn’t know they were our city flower, though.

    If you haven’t been, check out the compact, but beautiful Dahlia garden on the east side of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park – they’re blooming right now, and they have a great variety, from the petite daisy-like ones to crazy basketball-sized behemoths.

  2. My grandfather used to grow prize dahlias in San Francisco. His name was Lloyd Simmons. I am trying to put together some information regarding our family tree. Does anyone in the Dahlia Society recall any history that may help me in my endeavor? Thank you

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