The Richmond District’s “Baseball Mary” prepares for the World Series

I would be remiss as a neighborhood blogger, before our beloved Giants take the field today, to not interview our own “Baseball Mary” who is by far the biggest Giants fan in our neighborhood, and possibly the city.

Mary came to San Francisco back in 1979 from Portland, Maine as a Red Sox fan (she still is). She saw her first very first MLB game at Candlestick Park in 1980, and she was hooked. She’s been a season ticket holder for years and is on a first name basis with most of the Giants roster. She even has her own baseball cards.

While Mary is a Giants fan, she’s really a super baseball fan, rooting for both the Red Sox and the orange and black; suffice to say this decade has been good to her. She just turned 50 (and has a snazzy #50 Giants jersey to commemorate it) and she’s visited every ballpark in the country.

When Mary’s not cheering on the Giants, you’ll find her waiting tables at the Clement St. Bar & Grill where she’s worked for 15 years.

In the video, Mary tells us why she loves AT&T Park but misses Candlestick, what she does before games, how she’s handling ticket seekers, and she’s got some advice for fans on how to survive the series. Let’s hope Mary and all of us go ALL – THE – WAY this season.

Go Giants!!

Sarah B.


  1. Great interview! I really think she could do a part 2 she has so many stories to tell. She didn’t even get into my favorite stuff.

  2. The biggest Giants fan in our neighborhood? Yeah, right. She’s not a SF native. Not born and raised in The City. Therefore, NOT the biggest fan, just an eccentric.

  3. @FredN – Not sure why being a native San Franciscan is a pre-requisite for being a super fan. It’s not in my opinion. There’s no need to be rude either.

  4. Hey there, Mary! Nice to see the article (at bit late) — nice to see Da Jints go all the way!

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