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Watch your step! Jellyfish take over Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Bulletin has lots of icky photos of the thousands of jellyfish that overtook Ocean Beach in the last 24 hours. Apparently the last time this happened was in 2004, but no one really knows why.

Sarah B.

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5:34 pm | Posted under Recreation | 5 comments
  1. Chrysaora_fuscescens said (11/13/10; 5:46 pm):

    If they are alive and having a nice vacation, that seems OK. Welcome Scyphozoa invaders….

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  3. Chrysaora helvola said (11/13/10; 7:46 pm):

    Well said sea nettle!

  4. David Stimpson said (11/14/10; 8:23 am):

    I, for one, welcome our sting-y overlords…

  5. storey said (11/15/10; 7:05 pm):

    if you check out the op on obb, there is an amazing overhead shot of one. it looks like and entire universe is encapsulated within those guys.
    also, growing up in hawaii, i remember during full moons, the jellyfish would hang out near the shore like this, only they were man o’ wars and stingy ones. i was stung often! they would wash up on the west side beaches, i think..