Man seriously injured by woman parking her car at Geary & 7th Avenue

SFAppeal reports that this morning, a man was seriously injured outside Cheap Pete’s Framing shop at 4249 Geary Street at 7th Avenue.

At around 10:15am, a 77-year old woman was trying to parallel park her Toyota Scion. She accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, causing the car to jump the curb, hit the man, and pin him against the wall of the building.

The man, said to be in his late 40’s or early 50’s, remains in intensive care at SF General Hospital. The woman was not cited for the accident, according to police spokesman Officer Eric Chiang.

Thanks to RichmondSFBlog reader Dave for sending us photos from the scene.

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  1. Isn’t her car facing the wrong way? Shouldn’t it be facing East if she’s on Geary? Scary, to say the least!

  2. @Cee – Yeah, I noticed that too. Perhap the woman accelerated and turned the wheel to gain control, causing the car to spin around? Or maybe the car was moved to free the man. Either way, a scary situation.

  3. Tragic! I saw this accident after it happened. The man was sitting and spitting up blood. Unbelievably sad.

  4. Tragic for everyone involved, and I hope the victim recovers soon. But this story gets me thinking…

    How is it that someone can pin someone against a building with their car, send them to the hospital, and not be cited? How much damage to life or property is required before someone gets a citation in the Richmond? Something seems amiss here…

  5. I agree with Al. Why was she not cited? Did the man or his family (bc he’s probably too injured to) prosecute the woman?? I guess maybe because she’s 77? But…if you’re too old to drive, maybe you should refrain from the activity?? I admire seniors who lead an active life, but people should know their limits.

  6. It’s very common for drivers who hit pedestrians and cyclists not to be cited, or to be cited for only minor offenses (fines <$200), even when the person dies.

  7. I can attest to James’ comment. After I was hit on my bike by a car that that did not stop, I consulted with several attorneys after the police report did not cite, let alone arrest, the driver (who was stopped several blocks away from the scene and acknowledged the collision; was found at fault for the collision) for fleeing the scene or for hit and run. I was sent to the hospital and my life was changed forever by my injuries, but the driver who knowingly hit me and left me for dead faced no consequence whatsoever.

    I was repeatedly told by attorneys of the systematic approach by the SFPD to car on cyclist collisions: they do not cite or refer cases to the DA for prosecution. One attorney even placed a call to an aide at the DA’s office while I was there in consultation, to talk about the systematic problem with SFPD and their attitude towards cyclists and ask what victims like myself could do about it. It was suggested that I write a letter to the DA, but both the aide and the attorney admitted that nothing would ever be done about it because it is the culture of the SFPD to disregard the rights of cyclists. They often refuse to take reports at any bike incident, whether it be collisions with cars that yield injuries, or thefts.

    I hope the man pinned by the car recovers, and I hope the woman that hit him faces charges for criminal negligence. It may have been an “accident”, but it her actions were so egregious to be criminal negligence, and that warrants punishment.

  8. http://twitpic.com/3g7gm5 Man 47, was walking westbound on a sidewalk from 6th avenue towards 7th avenue. Woman 77, was backing in to parking spot when instead of brakes she stepped on gas and with wheels still turned jumped over the curb and onto the sidewalk hitting the man and pinning him to the wall and perhaps running over his legs. When she pulled forward away from the wall, and I assume running over his legs again. Man is still in critical condition at SFGH intensive care unit. Lost a lot of blood. Both legs crashed, broken hand, fractured face bones, broken pelvis. Left leg amputated above the knee as knee was crashed and hanging on skin. Right leg broken above knee and multiple fractures below the knee. He will undergo at least 4-5 more surgeries in next 2-3 week and will become disabled for rest of his live. He is in a state of induced coma.

    I will never think that I’m safe when walking on a sidewalk anymore. I have a baby whom I take on a stroll in a stroller and just a thought of going out for a walk is sickening now.

  9. …and the result is that one more person starts driving everywhere, making it that much more dangerous for the rest of us to walk.

    I hope the driver will lose her license, but that’s not nearly enough. Too many people keep on driving, even while regularly making “minor” mistakes. The consequences of a screwup like this should be severe enough to make everyone think twice about the limits of their abilities.

  10. This was 1/2 a block from the Police Station! I hope the driver ends up cited, and looses her license (and free parking license plates too) Looking forward to the Police blotter for this week with the captains writeup.

  11. life is a risky business, really though?!

    @ Guga, The thought of walking outside is sicken to you?! Aw well good luck living in your bubble. You take a risk everyday the odds of this just occurring, is slim and none. Really get out and live, you and your little one. We all gotta figure out how to move together this world isn’t getting any bigger.

    Thanks for the update on the victims condition, terribly wrong place at the wrong time…no more no less.

    There has to be something said for elderly drivers though too and the Spaz stamp on the licence plate is the only warning you get. How about just taking away there licence? This woman prob wont ever drive again, or shouldn’t for that matter. Mistake like her was just a little too costly. Driving through the garage door is one thing, what she did is dang near man slaughter.

  12. The driving laws seem out of whack — you get a $50 citation for letting your parking meter run out of time, a $300 citation for driving in a HOV with just one passenger. But if you want to run down a pedestrian on the sidewalk — no citation at all. Have at it!

    Seems like the penalties for driving on the sidewalk are completely disproportionate to the amount of damage to life and property.

    (Note, I’m not saying there shouldn’t be citations for driving in HOV lanes or letting your meeting run out. I’m saying there should be citations for running people down on the sidewalk.)

  13. This is terrible for everyone involved. I agree that it is appropriate to cite the driver and pursue legal action if she was indeed as negligent as described. However, that doesn’t begin to address a much larger problem that we have in an auto-centric city. Calling for prosecution of an old woman for accidentally running someone over doesn’t ameliorate the danger that pedestrians, bicyclists and non-drivers experience constantly. We need to start with something like the Geary BRT (http://www.sfcta.org/content/view/37/70) or light-rail system that encourages people to get out of their cars and use more sustainable and (generally) safer forms of transit.

    Also, a parklet in front of toy boat would create a small buffer of safety on the perilous 5th and clement.

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