The Daily Show to Supervisor Mar: “Are you serious right now?”

Supervisor Mar’s interview with the Daily Show about the infamous “Happy Meal Ban” aired this week. Watch for yourself – as expected, it’s pretty funny.

Sarah B.

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San Francisco’s Happy Meal Ban
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  1. Unfortunately they made Mar look a little silly. But that’s because the law is a little silly. It’s well-intentioned but a classic case of a band-aid approach.

  2. They couldn’t have asked for a better line than Mar’s awareness-free, “We have no power to force Netflix or a private company like that to change a business practice.” Yikes.

    I never eat fast food and hate McDonalds’ marketing, but this law is embarrassing.

    Mar going on about how his “wise” daughter was able to understand that Happy Meals aren’t healthy was cringe-worthy too, and came off as very “my family is smart enough to make choices about its food–yours isn’t.”

    I would rather have the BOS focus on making sure school lunches and breakfasts are nutritious–it would probably do more good than this law, and is within the government’s realm of responsibility. Telling a kid whose parents are poor that now she can’t have a toy probably doesn’t do her much good.

  3. Eric has done nothing of substance for our neighborhood. We don’t need Chris-Daly-without-the-profanity representing us. It will be fun running him out of office in 2012.

  4. “We are looking at food from an food environment issues from an equit.. equitability.”

  5. Obviously he knew he’d be skewered – it’s the Daily Show! You can tell how nervous he is, evidenced by the equitability moment.
    His judgement as a supervisor is questionable (let’s face it, they’re all fools) but he was a good sport for doing on the show. I hope he’s laughing with us.

  6. Have to agree with Jack. McGoldrick and now McGoldrick, Jr. (Mar). Calling Mar and his cronies “progressive” is a total misnomer — they’re fascists, not liberals. Their goal is to make everyone in S.F. do exactly what you want them to do and ONLY what they want us to do? If Mar and his cronies will force you to take the bus or ride a bike — and they’ll take away all the parking spaces and put a moratorium on garage-building to do it. Great — what if you have 3 young kids or a sprained ankle or a knee problem or arthritis and can’t walk 2 or three city blocks to the bus and your destination and can’t ride a bike? I hate McDonald’s, too and never eat there — but isn’t this America, where people get to decide what they want to eat, or is this a fascist state? I don’t play golf, either — but that doesn’t mean that I think that all our golf courses should be closed down so those who want to can’t! (You know there’s a move to close down Lincoln Park g.c?) This is a CITY and we need to accommodate a wide range of people with various interests, needs and views. Mar isn’t a do-nothing. I wish he were. Instead, he wastes taxpayers money doing stupid, embarrassing things when we have SERIOUS problems to attend to. I didn’t elect the Bicycle Coalition to the BoS. Enough!

  7. I can’t believe my district elected this jackass. If I was McDonalds, I’d say “Okay, from now on, instead of a toy, every Happy Meal comes with a Snickers bar.” Stick that up your nanny butt. This Daily Show clip should be featured in every one of his opponent’s 2012 campaign ads.

  8. @FogBelter – I don’t like the McDonald’s law either but calling Mar a fascist relegates your argument to the realm of extreme rhetoric and will cause many reasonable people to ignore your otherwise potentially valid points. Are you really claiming that Mar’s policies resemble those of Mussolini or Hitler? Really?

  9. @kayvaan: well put. I’m no fan of Mar or the rest of the ultra-leftists on the BOS, but misusing the term “fascist” really doesn’t add to the arguments against them. FogBelter is right where it counts, but fascist is a very specific term that implies the emphasis of national regeneration through military conquest. As much as I loathe the so-called progressives (especially Daly), we can’t really accuse them of that particular belief. If you must, call them statists or collectivists. I prefer just to call them lunatics.

  10. It would be so nice to see Mr. Mar focusing on things that impact our district…. Muni, potholes, so many things!

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