SF Bike Party rolled through the Inner Richmond on Friday night

Did you catch the SF Bike Party as they rolled through last night on their inaugural ride? SF Bike Party is a monthly celebration of biking; the group’s tagline is “building community through bicycling.”

Last night’s ride looked like it was a good time for all involved – check out the video above from K9Sound which documents their trip through the neighborhood and Golden Gate Park.

SF Bike Party seems very mindful of pedestrians and drivers, stopping at all red lights and stop signs. On their website this morning, SF Bike Party organizers wrote:

We couldn’t have asked for a better ride (ok, well maybe it was slow with all the stop lights and yes it was ridiculously cold, but it was still fantastic!).

For more information on the SF Bike Party, visit their website.

Sarah B.


  1. bike parTEEYYYYY!!

    btw- I love neighborhood blogs, found this via FB — thanks for the introduction =)

  2. Saw them around 10pm and was sorry not to be a part of it. It’s great that this East Bay and San Jose bike party trend has spread to the City!

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