Turn your sidewalk green with a free workshop at the Botanical Garden

This year, the San Francisco Botanical Garden is kicking off a new program called “Grey 2 Green”, designed to teach residents how they can transform their sidewalks into attractive, landscaped areas.

“Less concrete. More jungle.” is the program’s theme, which is a joint venture between the Botanical Garden and the San Francisco Department of Public Works.

You can learn how to green your sidewalk by attending one of the free Saturday workshops, which begin this Saturday, February 12th. Register here

At the workshop, you’ll learn the steps for how to transform your sidewalk into a garden including permitting, designing and maintenance. They’ll recommend trees and drought tolerant plants for sun or shade, and help you with design ideas.

The free classes are held Saturday mornings from February until November, 2011, from 9:00 am-10:00pm at the County Fair Building at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. The first one is this Saturday, February 12th.

Visit the Grey 2 Green website for the full list of 2011 workshop dates. You can register online in advance for any of the classes.

Thanks to RichmondSFBlog reader Kim C. for the tip.

Sarah B.


  1. I hope that the City is not paying any tax dollars out to the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, a corrupt nonprofit which has privatized the Arboretum.

  2. I love the idea of greening sidewalks but I don’t love it when the result is making narrow sidewalks still more narrow. I also like the idea of allowing for curves instead of perfectly straight lines. If we are taking away sidewalks to make the environment more organic what could be more natural than that?

  3. I think this is great. Some of the deeper sidewalks (my street anyway) can accomodate more trees and greenery. I’d love to attend. As for the SFBGS being corrupt…. George, you care to elaborate or are you going to just throw out accusations? (Cranky old people… hmph.)

  4. I’m with Nancy Drew. Please, George, give us the facts, not just the opinion. Perhaps I should mention that, in my opinion, the San Francisco Botanical Garden (as the Strybing Arboretum in now known), is a plant museum with an educational mission – like the Academy of Science or the deYoung Museum.

  5. The San Francisco Botanical Garden Society paid lobbyist Sam Lauter tens of thousands of dollars.. The City has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars through these fees (because the Society collects the fees, but the City has shelled out considerable funds — all wasted!)

    To call the Inner Sunset’s backyard a “museum is laughable! McKechnie deserves to be shown nothing but the door.

    Hours have been cut for no reason, and the Demonstration Garden’s beautiful meadow has been covered with gravel. The new roads were botched. The fountain still does not work.

    The place is a mess!

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