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Video: Funnel cloud touches down at Ocean Beach this morning

Strange weather we’re having in the Bay today; even a rare tornado warning down in San Mateo.

We didn’t get a warning here, but we had our own little tornado moment this morning around 9:24am. Youtuber Neorick shot this video of a funnel cloud touching down at Ocean Beach. “I was looking outside my window. There was a very dark cloud and there it was.” Wild!

Thanks to RichmondSFBlog reader Robin for sending it in. Here’s a couple of pics taken by another reader, Carl.

Sarah B.

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12:16 pm | Posted under Video, Weather | 11 comments
  1. Cee Moon said (03/18/11; 12:20 pm):

    Crap on a cracker!!

  2. David H` said (03/18/11; 12:32 pm):

    ahoy matey, it be a waterspout when its on the ocean like that! Tornado be a landlubber’s term!

  3. Robin G. said (03/18/11; 12:40 pm):

    ..and funnel clouds are “tornadoes” that haven’t touched down. Not to geek out on this too much. 😉

  4. David H` said (03/18/11; 1:54 pm):

    Aye Robin tis a keen mind you have. The SS geekout sails these waters now and then but makes port calls to the blog when rain prevents better sailing!

  5. JL said (03/18/11; 2:06 pm):

    So now we are in Kansas?

  6. Paul said (03/18/11; 2:17 pm):

    arrrrrr…Cool video!…thanks for sharing.

  7. Jose said (03/18/11; 2:20 pm):

    I thought that cloud looked mean this morning! Too bad I didn’t see the spout, though.

  8. Carl said (03/18/11; 4:24 pm):

    WOW, it looks a lot more serious from up there than from my O.B. apartment. I took some pics http://carlspanoghe.com/content/20110318/i-think-i-saw-tornado-over-san-francisco

  9. Administrator said (03/18/11; 4:30 pm):

    @Carl – Cool! I added a link to your photos in the article. Yeah, that video is pretty trippy!

    Sarah B.

  10. SpinDyeKnit said (03/18/11; 9:21 pm):

    […] Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and I quite recommend it. Oh, and Don, you grew up in San Francisco, the video here is for you: a tornado today just off Ocean Beach! Or, more technically and in Eensy Weensy Spider […]

  11. Jeff said (03/18/11; 10:12 pm):

    I was driving home from an SFO drop off, headed west on Lake Merced BLVD this morning, and thought I saw this forming. shook it off as nonsense until I saw this.