New documentary short about Paul’s Hat Works

Check out this short film entitled “Four Pauls: Bring the Hat Back!”, made by It Donned On Me, a competitive filmmaking team from San Francisco.

It was their entry for the International Documentary Challenge, a competition in which teams from around the world complete short documentaries in a period of just five days.

Filmmaker Evan Donn and his team showed up at Paul’s Hat Works on a Thursday afternoon and by the following Monday, shipped out the finished film. The film brought home Best Cinematography and Best Use of Historical Genre awards in the contest.

It’s a great little film about the four women who took over Paul’s Hat Works and are on a mission to “Bring the Hat Back!”

Sarah B.


  1. This is a great hat shop with very high quality goods! I’ve been wearing hats for several years now, and what they say about hats is very true – i.e. something “takes hold” when one one dons a hat! It’s hard to describe, but there is a sense of being “more oneself” in a hat, and extending oneself into one’s immediate surroundings in ways that one would not otherwise do without a hat.

    I get lots of very nice compliments from women and men about my fedora.

    Also, hats are practical, as they keep the sun at bay.

    I think that Paul’s has a great future, as I see more and more young people wearing hats, and the Baby Boomers are looking for things like sun protection, and looking younger. The right hat can take years off!

    Last, this shop will also give you a credit towards one of their hats if you bring in a high quality used hat to donate (they recondition and give to those in need). This is a wonderful practice.

    I wish these four young women the very best! Go, Paul’s!


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