It’s official – Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market will open June 22

It’s been a long time coming but the opening date has been announced as Wednesday, June 22 for the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market at 3132 Clement near 32nd Avenue.

The market’s emphasis is on what its name infers – fresh foods and easy shopping. They get high marks from their Southern California customers for offering grocery basics at affordable prices along with fresh, prepared foods and meals.

Fresh & Easy is part of Tesco, a global grocery and general merchandising retailer headquartered in the UK. They are the third largest retailer in the world.

In honor of the opening on 32nd Avenue, Fresh & Easy is sponsoring a special $1,000 donation to a local, non-profit (hopefully one right in the neighborhood). Nominations can be submitted at freshandeasy.com. Store employees will select the winning charity the week the store opens.

Fresh & Easy is still hiring for the 32nd Avenue location; they expect to have more than 25 positions at the store. Interested applicants can apply online at freshandeasy.com.

“I look forward to the Fresh and Easy store opening and welcoming a new business that is partnering with the community and giving back to schools and community organizations in the Richmond District,” said Supervisor Eric Mar.

Fresh & Easy will share the 3132 Clement Street space with CVS Pharmacy, but their opening date is unknown at this time. They were recently in the news for applying for a permit to sell alcoholic beverages (Fresh & Easy will also sell alcohol).

I’m sure there will be more details about the grand opening as we get closer to the date. I’ll let you know what I hear but in the meantime, go nominate your favorite neighborhood non-profit for a chance to win them a $1,000 donation.

Sarah B.


  1. Great news! I’m very happy that local grocers and drugstores weren’t able to block this property from being used.

  2. OMG finally! Been dying for to know when they open since Delano’s closed.

  3. Woo-hoo! Now, what is going to happen at 26th and Geary?

  4. Serge: Thanks for posting these old photos and giving us a glimpse into what it was like a long time ago! I had no idea there used to be a railway company there. Or streetcars, for that matter. 🙂

  5. It is nice to see the space used for some sort of grocery store. The central richmond has no grocery store, so I have to drive out to safeway at the beach which is very rundown, my only concern is that fresh and easy may be to pricey like de lano`s was.

  6. yay! i can finally walk to the grocery store again!

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