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It’s official – Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market will open June 22

It’s been a long time coming but the opening date has been announced as Wednesday, June 22 for the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market at 3132 Clement near 32nd Avenue.

The market’s emphasis is on what its name infers – fresh foods and easy shopping. They get high marks from their Southern California customers for offering grocery basics at affordable prices along with fresh, prepared foods and meals.

Fresh & Easy is part of Tesco, a global grocery and general merchandising retailer headquartered in the UK. They are the third largest retailer in the world.

In honor of the opening on 32nd Avenue, Fresh & Easy is sponsoring a special $1,000 donation to a local, non-profit (hopefully one right in the neighborhood). Nominations can be submitted at freshandeasy.com. Store employees will select the winning charity the week the store opens.

Fresh & Easy is still hiring for the 32nd Avenue location; they expect to have more than 25 positions at the store. Interested applicants can apply online at freshandeasy.com.

“I look forward to the Fresh and Easy store opening and welcoming a new business that is partnering with the community and giving back to schools and community organizations in the Richmond District,” said Supervisor Eric Mar.

Fresh & Easy will share the 3132 Clement Street space with CVS Pharmacy, but their opening date is unknown at this time. They were recently in the news for applying for a permit to sell alcoholic beverages (Fresh & Easy will also sell alcohol).

I’m sure there will be more details about the grand opening as we get closer to the date. I’ll let you know what I hear but in the meantime, go nominate your favorite neighborhood non-profit for a chance to win them a $1,000 donation.

Sarah B.

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11:46 am | Posted under Business, Eric Mar, Shopping | 7 comments
  1. Serge said (05/23/11; 12:09 pm):

    It’s definitely come a long way from the Market Street Railway Company car house:



  2. Chris said (05/23/11; 1:26 pm):

    Great news! I’m very happy that local grocers and drugstores weren’t able to block this property from being used.

  3. Haruka said (05/23/11; 2:48 pm):

    OMG finally! Been dying for to know when they open since Delano’s closed.

  4. Sue Fry said (05/24/11; 8:14 am):

    Woo-hoo! Now, what is going to happen at 26th and Geary?

  5. gigi said (05/25/11; 10:50 am):

    Serge: Thanks for posting these old photos and giving us a glimpse into what it was like a long time ago! I had no idea there used to be a railway company there. Or streetcars, for that matter. :)

  6. joshua said (05/25/11; 6:28 pm):

    It is nice to see the space used for some sort of grocery store. The central richmond has no grocery store, so I have to drive out to safeway at the beach which is very rundown, my only concern is that fresh and easy may be to pricey like de lano`s was.

  7. waragon said (06/3/11; 11:20 am):

    yay! i can finally walk to the grocery store again!