Furniture store to open new showroom at 25th & Geary

The future showroom of Avetex Furniture at 25th & Geary. Inset: Vacant after Kragen Auto Parts moved out.

Avetex Furniture has been in business for 10 years, offering contemporary furnishings online and at their showroom at 6114 Geary Boulevard.

Business must be good because the company plans to open a new, larger showroom just across the street at the corner of 25th Avenue and Geary. The building used to be home to Kragen Auto Parts, but has been sitting vacant for at least a year, sometimes the target of practical jokes.

Manager Marina Shnayder tells us it’s been a challenge getting the new showroom ready. “The interior needed a lot of work,” she said. The exterior facade has also been painted with a fresh coat of brown paint.

Avetex anticipates opening their doors on July 1. The 6114 Geary location will still remain open.

I’m thrilled to hear that one of our larger retail spaces on Geary will be occupied again. Special thanks to cub reporter David H. for getting the scoop from Avetex, and to RichmondSFBlog reader Steve for the tip.

Sarah B.

The existing Avetex Furniture store at 6114 Geary


  1. Great news! The Kragen has been vacant since at least mid to late 2007 though, much longer than a year.

  2. are they keeping their current store across the street open, or will that become vacant?….fresh n easy opens next week on 32nd clement. good to see that majorly dead space coming to life again after 5 years!

  3. @steve – Yes, they will still keep their showroom across the street. The corner showroom is an additional space.

    Sarah B.

  4. It’s amazing how much a fresh coat of paint can do! Glad to see that something is going in that space.

  5. awesome theyre keeping the old space open. let’s hope the thugs and idiots dont scrawl graffitti all over their new shop….now all we need are for the old big heart and blockbuster spaces to get filled. any takers??????

  6. Great news! Thanks for reporting Sarah B. We’re so lucky to have you reporting on the goings on in our neighborhood!

  7. I just wanted to tell you I used to live at 27th and Geary, and I MISS the Richmond District so much it hurts. A lot of great memories.

  8. Yeay!!! Was wondering when something would go in there.

  9. Very good. Too bad their furniture is so expensive. But they do have a good selection. However, I hope that they are able to stay in business for a long time; larger corner stores like that are notoriously difficult to stay open because of parking issues.

  10. Glad to see something going in there but i agree with J, there is very little parking near that corner but nice to see that corridor returning to life. Too much graffiti and litter there since Kragen closed.

  11. GREAT news! Vacant, that building has attracted all kinds of graffiti and trash — such an eyesore!

  12. What’s the solution to all of the litter and graffiti? The city obviously doesn’t care much about cleaning it up. I tend to prescribe to the fact that once something gets tagged or litter starts it’s a slippery slope to blight. How do we, as a community, fight this? Do we need to organize a trash clean-up day in the Richmond? Maybe get the city to open the trash cans on Geary so people can actually put trash in them? Something needs to be done because it’s disheartening to me to walk down Geary and see all of the litter and the businesses with graffiti on their windows.


  13. It is always nice to see another vacant building resume a part in the neighbohood, but the real question is what will happen to the old de lanos store on geay now freash and easy is opening. Maybe they can build a commercial mini strip mall similar to lakeshore shopping plaza on sloat boulevard, that would be real boost for the neighborhood. Another large vacant space is where blockbuster used to be near 17th avenue, that is another space that really needs to be occupied.

  14. We installed 4 security cameras on the outside of the building. Hope it will keep graffiti away or any other illegal activity. As we will report it to police, or other agency.

  15. @Walter, that’s fantastic news. I hope you can keep any vandalism away and keep your store looking nice. Maybe your lead will give others in the area the same idea.

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