“How The Spot Was Won” short film shot at 22nd & Geary

Last weekend, some Richmond District residents participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival in which each team draws a random assignment, is given even more random parameters, and then has 2 days to conceive, write, shoot and edit a short film.

The team known as Chinese Takeout drew their lot – it had to be a Western theme, include a piece of chalk as a prop, a character of a debt collector, and include the line “Do you have any questions?”

You can watch the final film above which is shot almost entirely near 22nd and Geary. Aside from being well done, it’s also a humorous look at when parking becomes serious business!

Thanks to RichmondSFBlog reader (and filmmaker) Cass for sending this in.

Sarah B.


  1. ah ha ha…I get it…a great social commentary on those a-hole mopediots who take up full car spots when they could just as easily park in a space no car could park in, which there are tons of.
    Fun film. Who was the debt collector though?

  2. Westender, we weren’t actually trying to make commentary one way or another; we just thought a moped was a fun modern version of a horse and that it looked cute. With 48 hours to do everything, you can’t really think too deeply about what you write, heh. Though I suppose you sure can read into it that way.

    The debt collector was a bit of a stretch, but we tried to imply the female actress was a debt collector in her line that she “always collects her debts.”

  3. Great job, Chinese Takeout! I loved the shot with the plastic bag ‘tumbling’ across the street!

  4. Great cast,terrific dialogue and superb setting Thanks for posting.

  5. That was awesome! Loved the music too — great sound effects and fearful townsfolk. Kudos to the whole team. Is there a way to see all the videos online — seeing that I’ve missed the screening event?

  6. @Sabrina – Looks like there is one more best of screening:

    Best Of Screening
    Date: Sunday, July 10th
    Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm
    Place: TBA
    Tickets: $10.00
    Notes: Movies, Awards, Judges feedback! It’s all there in this final celebration of the films submitted to the San Francisco 2011 competition. If you didn’t get to see ALL of the screenings, this is your chance to watch some of the top picks and noteworthy achievements by Bay Area independent filmmakers. Don’t miss it!

    I guess check their site at http://www.48hourfilm.com/sanfrancisco/ for an update on where. Perhaps at the Lumiere like the others.

    Sarah B.

  7. Thanks Sarah B — I have got to take my family to this event. That film was brilliant!

  8. Sabrina, thanks for the interest support! Most of our team (Chinese Takeout) will be at that screening on the 10th – thanks for posting, Sarah!

    Our 24hr film, Woolf, has also advanced to the final round of judging and will be screened for the national competition in NYC. You can see that at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKZFJE_Iqbw

  9. Just a quick update, if any one still checks this post. How The Spot Was Won took home 6 awards, including Audience Choice for it’s screening group, Best Directing, Best Editing, and Best Film of 2011. We’ll be screening it at Filmapalooza in Las Vegas along with other city bests of the year!

  10. I was there last night! Front row with two Asian kids. Sorry we had to leave early so we didn’t get to see you get your awards. You were our favorites!

  11. @Cass – Congratulations!!! Have a great time in Vegas

    Sarah B.

  12. Sabrina, thanks for coming by! We were in the second row on the audience-right hand side. No worries you had to leave, we’re just glad for the support!

  13. Ha, ha Cass. We saw the Chinese Take-out Team — recognized most of you because of the film, too nervous to say hello. It was like being next to movie stars!

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