Alexandria Theater sign once again secure and sporting a fresh coat of paint

Cub reporter David H. strolled by the Alexandria Theater today and noticed that the scaffolding had finally been removed. Repairs had been underway after high winds in April knocked portions of the sign loose, requiring the SFFD to make some emergency repairs.

Nearby Yuflux Engineering, who has been project managing the job, confirmed that the temporary repairs have been completed. Sheet metal panels that fell during the storm or that were missing altogether have been replaced. In addition, all of the sign’s bolts that were missing or rusted have been checked and if needed, replaced.

In addition to the much-needed repairs, the Alexandria sign also received a much needed, fresh coat of paint.

Due to the historic nature of the sign, further repairs will be required, with plans and specifications requiring reviewed by the Planning Department.

Plans are still underway to re-develop the Alexandria Theater property. The project includes converting the main building into commercial space that would feature a small, 221 seat theater, and adding residential units on the back parking lot.

In late May, the project received a final mitigated negative declaration (PDF, 10MB) from the Planning Department, meaning the project would not have a significant effect on the environment. Now it’s up the Planning Department to schedule their hearing with the developers for final review and approval.

Sarah B.


  1. I really hope they keep they approve the plan with the small movie complex. We need more neighborhood theaters!

  2. Finally, a shred of good news. C’mon, developers, schedule that final hearing!

  3. @Crankygal – I had it backwards. It’s the developers actually waiting on the Planning Dept. to schedule the next hearing. Hurry up and wait, right? 😉

    Sarah B.

  4. The Alexandria and Coronet neighborhood theaters being (respectively) deserted and razed is nothing short of a travesty. The Alexandria was a beautiful, functioning, community-supported historical building before it was left to fall into disrepair. Every time I pass it, I shake my head in disappointment. Let’s hope the new development plan respects the history of the building and fully utilizes it as a community (not commercial) space.

  5. The alexandria is by far the most beautiful and majestic building in this neighborhood plus it offered entertainment and an experience incomparable to todays modern megaplexes. I really hope this place can reopen and can continue to serve the community for years to come, however I fear it will lose the whole feel and atmosphere of the 88 year old theater and this neighborhood landmark will just be treated as another commercial space. Hopefully the developers will preserve the theater inside and not make it the size of a walk in closet, as the very large auditorium was one of the best things about the alexandria it actully felt like a real old theater from the 20s compared to the four star and balboa which are way to small.

  6. So will the SFFD have to continue to eat the costs of keeping this building safe to the public while the planning dept. sits on its hands? If we can all agree on what the space should be used for, I’m all for getting the developer in there asap to start up their contribution to the neighborhood.

  7. @sean-As far as i know the fire ladsn’lassies have their ropes back, sign is stable, developer is keeping folks out.They are ready, city wheels turn slllllowllllyyy. Walking by that eyesore for so long I too will be happy to see construction begin!

  8. Hopefully before they begin construction they will allow people to go inside and take some pictures before all of the original features are lost. When the coronet theater closed, they did not take any pictures of the inside theater and lobby now it is demolished and we will never be able to, after all it is a piece of our neighborhoods history.

  9. I will stop in and see if a photo tour can be arranged and will report back to the editor.Sigh, a cub’s work is never done

  10. It’s been years since I moved away from SF but the Alexandria sign is still a personal favorite landmark. I’m so glad that it’s been so lovingly taken care of.

  11. I just found a great website called “Cinema Tour” that has pictures of the inside and out of the theater before it closed back in 2004. There is such great detail inside, it would be a discrace if they butcher the place inside as they have all ready done outside.

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