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Video: The City in time lapse

Really cool (and zen) video from wtkphotography.com. You’ll see some of the west side come in around the 3:30 mark. Enjoy!

[via CurbedSF]

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5:47 pm | Posted under Video | 4 comments
  1. Jon C. said (09/22/11; 6:07 pm):

    Gorgeous! And nice choice of music too! (Boards of Canada’s “Dayvan Cowboy” if anyone’s curious :) )

  2. Derek said (09/23/11; 10:21 am):

    Sooooo cool!!!

  3. shake-and-bake said (09/23/11; 5:11 pm):

    Beautiful! Thanks for posting.

  4. Debra Mugnani Monroe said (09/29/11; 9:10 pm):

    Really enjoyed it. Certainly gave me a new perspective for a few minutes. Thanks!