Clement food news: Steins opens; King of Thai closed shortly for remodeling

The new Steins restaurant, located at 731 Clement Street

While out for dinner Monday night, I noticed a couple of restaurant changes on Clement Street.

The former Burma Tea Leaf restaurant at 731 Clement Street near 9th Avenue is now “Steins”, an American/German eatery offering lots of beer, five flat screen televisions over the bar, and a varied menu that includes bruschetta, burgers, chicken sandwiches, ghoulash, and bratwurst. The restaurant has a heavy emphasis on beer judging by the German beer signs and steins lined up on the bar.

The place was about half full, with many baseball-cap-wearing guys watching Monday night football. 🙂 If you’ve eaten there, leave a review for us in the comments!

A block up at 639 Clement is the home of King of Thai Noodle House, one of the neighborhood’s best hole-in-the-wall places. They have closed their doors temporarily through September 30 for remodeling.

Coincidentally the space next door, a former photo store, recently moved out so I had high hopes King of Thai might be expanding their footprint (they only have about 6 tables inside). But alas, after eating dinner at their sister restaurant at 346 Clement, I confirmed that they won’t be expanding, just re-opening after the remodel.

Bon apetit,

Sarah B.


  1. Oh! thats me in blue!

    I ended up throwing back a few brews on tap with some friends. They have a nice selection of beer, which, you can have served inside a stein. I ended up staying for awhile and got a good look at the menu being served to its patrons. Everything looked delicious and fancy. I’m just sayin, I’ve never seen mozzarella sticks look so nice.

    I ordered the veggie burger which comes served with bean sprouts, cucumber, tomato, and Steins own cucumber dressing. Perhaps one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had here in the city.

    This place is cheap, fancy, and fun. Seriously, they have their own octoberfest beer-garden themed park benches in the back corner. I’ll be coming back. Often.

  2. SWEET!! I am glad it’s not another Asian place that opened up since none of those places have stayed since that old breakfast/dinery spot closed. I hope they do well. Gotta check it out when it’s beer o’clock.

  3. I’m so excited to try out Steins… Glad to read the positive review from andrew, thanks!

  4. Interesting. Gotta try that.

    Also – I highly recommend the new wings place that opened up on Clement and 17th!

  5. I’m a german food fan. But I’m curious what ethnicity is running this place on Clement. If I eat an ethnic food, i really want someone who is vaguely related from that ethnicity to cook it or at least had grandparents from the region. Please post if you find out!

  6. This sounds amazing. Finally a sports bar in the Richmond. If you only have one TV in your establishment you can’t call yourself a sports bar. It’s just not right.

  7. Hipsters. DAMMIT. I had high hopes for that place.

    Jonathan — the “runners” might have German grandparents, but it doesn’t appear to be first-generation hands-on. I’d recommend Croatian Gourmet Burgers (aka “Bistro SF Grill”) on California near Divis, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  8. It’s great to see new businesses opening up in the neighborhood… Looks like the empty storefront next to 540 Club is going to become something called Tea Lovers.
    I was hoping Stein’s would be an authentic Jewish deli… But this looks good too.

  9. Saw your post, immediately went there for dinner. I thought the beers were excellent with decent prices. Real stein German beers! Selections could be bigger though – Warstein or Bittburger maybe?

    Food was decent and fulfilling, I do think food is a bit pricey if I am honest, if you were to compare to other non-Asian places on the street.

    It is a family owned business, they were extremely nice!!

    You guys should go try them and judge it yourself though. We weren’t quite sure if was supposed to be a food place or beer place. Very interested to read your opinions.

  10. Jonathan to answer your question I did some investigating (asking the staff), and found out the family that runs the restaurant are first generation American, with their father (the chef) being from Austria, so I think this place should satisfy you, the food was awesome!! Sourkraut was awesome and so was the schnitzel! alyx- i didn’t see any hipsters so? and your assumption on family’s background seems to be speculative maybe you should have asked? I had a great experience, friendly staff and good food, check it out!

  11. The dad/chef is totally handsome and has a great sense of humor. What are charming guy. He sounds like Schwartzennegger, if Arnold had any sex appeal. The food was good, though definitely not healthy. Just reading these posts, Lianna seems like a real jerk. She should either chill pill or learn to write and also learn to spell “sauerkraut”.

  12. Thanks for the updates! I’m happy because now I don’t have to travel or wait to eat at Schmidt’s, Suppenkuche, Leopold’s or Walzwerk for a schnitzel fix. Not knocking those places but they are overrun by hipsters or marina types. Our hood is way cool and just needs a little food variety.

  13. Well, i wasn’t being *entirely* serious, just reacting to the “many baseball-cap-wearing guys” comment… good to hear people like it, will check it out ASAP. Just hope it manages to survive in what seems to be a sort of Location of Death recently.

  14. Jonathan – I totally agree – our ‘hood needs some more food variety. And just a little love in general. 🙂

  15. Bar none, Steins has the best prices on German beers in the city, maybe on the west coast. The menu is typical German pub fare, which I’ve been told will deepen over time. It’s only a soft-launch right now, but they have the ingredients to make it. A German place on Clement Street! Gotta give it a try, right?

  16. This place is great! I had a couple of glasses of wine, and appetizers…excellent! The prices are great! Steins is so needed on this street! Welcome!!!!!!!! And they have a Roasted chicken on the menu…but they ran out…Perhaps they`ll have an Octoberfest!!!!!!!!!

  17. Sweet! I hope they consider making Doner Kebabs, and very curious if they make real schnitzel and currywurst. Granted the above are total imbiss-fare, they are still very german..well at least in Berlin. 🙂

  18. A welcome addition to the neighborhood. Nice to have a modern restaurant/pub in the area where the soles of your shoes don`t stick to the floor on the way to the restroom! Goulash is tasty and hearty and a great price to boot! Great variety of beers and wine. This establishment is very much in it`s infancy, expect great things to come!

  19. Owend by a hospitable German family. The papa is the cook.

    Had a great inexpesnive plate of meaballs and pasta as a lunch special, Also a good tasting Goulaschsuppe that could have stewed longer to tenderize the meat like the ones I had all over German. Over breaded fish and chips that reminded of prefrozen crinkle cut potatoes. Will return for the schnitzle. Intersting hot sauerkraut cooked long enough to be almost creamy.

    Loved the hospitality. Daughter, the delightful host, will recognize you if you return a second time.

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