Chinese American Film Festival at the 4-Star Theater, Nov. 16 – 22

Starting this Wednesday, the 4-Star Theater on Clement Street will present over a dozen new films as part of their week long Chinese-American Film Festival.

The centerpiece of the festival is “The Sun”, a fictional film that follows the struggles of several characters to rebuild their lives after the devastating earthquake that hit Sichuan Province in 2008.

Another notable film being shown is “Shen Zhou 11”, Best Picture Winner at the 2011 Golden Rooster Awards, which tells the story of Chinese astronauts from the spacecrafts Shen Zhou 7 to 11 (think Apollo 13).

The festival also features the animated Kung Fu film, “Legend of a Rabbit”, which judging from the trailer, appears to have taken a page from Kung Fu Panda. Both screenings of the film – 11/19 at 1pm and 11/20 at 1:10pm – are free.

Admission to each film is just $5. To find out more about the films, visit the festival website.

Sarah B.