Video of the new baby bison in GGP. What would you name them?

Yesterday, seven baby bison, all female, were welcomed to Golden Gate Park. Check out their “unveiling” in the video above.

“The bison at Golden Gate Park are a historic and celebrated treasure in San Francisco,” said Mayor Edwin M. Lee. “We welcome the new bison herd to their new home, and I know they will continue to delight residents and visitors using our world class Golden Gate Park.”

But don’t rush out to the paddock to see them just yet. The baby bison are currently quarantined in a secured location near the main paddock where they’ll remain for the next few months. Rec & Park will host an official welcome ceremony in early 2012 when the baby bison are ready to be released to join the main herd.

But while you’re waiting, you can put your creativity to work thinking of names for the seven ladies. Rec & Park is holding a bison naming contest for the new additions.

A panel of judges will choose their favorite names from the pool of suggestions, and the public will then have the opportunity to vote for the winning entry. They’ll announce the winning name at the bison’s coming out party in spring 2012.

The winner will receive VIP attendance at the bison’s Spring Welcoming Party, an official City certificate, an official photograph with the bison and city officials, and complimentary tickets to future Recreation and Park Department events. Enter online

Sarah B.


  1. Cool! Will go check them on my run. Funny when they were released, ran and then stopped then looked around as if the were wondering where they hell they are.

  2. Yeah very cool! Uh, anyone know if bison are litter box trainable?

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