Photos: Great Horned Owl chick in Golden Gate Park

Photo by David Cruz

Richmond District resident David Cruz snapped these pics of a Great Horned Owl in Golden Gate Park nesting with one of its two new chicks. They were spotted across from the bison paddock.

Sarah B.

[via SFGate]

Photo by David Cruz

Photo by David Cruz


  1. Very cool. I say a great horned owl in Rossi Park one night walking the dog. I could see the it’s silhouette in the moonlight sitting on one of the poles near baseball diamond by the play ground and thought the park had put it up to scare pigeons away, but when I took a closer look with my flash light it looked back at me with it’s huge eyes. The owl was pretty big.

  2. Please don’t mention where they are lest the nail gun shooter or some other punk takes notice.

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