Cool video: Flying over the bison in Golden Gate Park and the Legion of Honor

Robert Mcintosh visited San Francisco several months ago but rather than take standard pics during his visit, he strapped a GoPro HD camera to a remote controlled helicopter. The result is some fun aerial footage as he buzzes over local landmarks including the bison in Golden Gate Park and the Legion of Honor. For a moment, you’ll know how a pigeon or seagull sees the city…

Sarah B.

[via SFist]


  1. That was amazing!

    But really, the only thing pigeons and seagulls see in this town is my car. 🙂

  2. Overall cool video, but the buffalo shoot was bad judgement. Those helicopters can be loud and he could have been easily cited for harassing the buffalo if a ranger was around.

  3. Even small dogs can fatally scare buffalo. Careful with that helicopter.

  4. Anyone know where the the hiking trail shown at 2:08 is? Also, where the shot outdoor shot was taken?

  5. Very cool. Agreed on the buffalo– as a human, I would be freaked out myself if I had a helicopter buzzing me– Distracting from the video itself.

    It would be cool as a watcher if i could get myself oriented related to the neighborhood would make this even cooler.

  6. On the whole, very cool. Ditto on the buffalo (I have to confess, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the bison out in the open, not to mention moving).

    The trail at 2:08 is just west of Panoramic Hwy about half a mile south of Mountain Home. The Panoramic Trail runs parallel to the road; the trail joining from below with all the wooden railings is the Ocean View Trail, which descends to Muir Woods. Cool trail (no ocean view except once you reach the Panoramic Trail).

  7. Cool concept. I think the buffalo shots where not wise, esp. getting as close as he did. If the shot was higher up the entire time (ala GGB) that would have been better. We don’t need to stress these animals IMO.

  8. Harassing penned in animals ruined an otherwise magical video.

    Shame on Robert Mcintosh to pervert and disturb the nature which he tells himself he records. He must know better.

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