How to drive Supervisor Eric Mar crazy

Two evils in one place! RichmondSFBlog reader Erik H. tweeted this photo out of the Hustler Club’s mobile stripper truck parked in the McDonald’s lot over on Haight.

Perhaps the driver stopped in for a Happy Meal on his way back to Las Vegas. We all know how alluring those free toys can be…

Sarah B.


  1. LOL, they should do a drive by Eric Mar’s house with the honeys in the back and music blaring.

  2. Aahahahaha! That’s excellent. The only thing better would be if the girls in back were handing out Happy Meals.

  3. Let’s not forget Supervisor Mar admitted he likes the junk food at Jack-in-the Box.

  4. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

    Now that’s what I’d call a *TRULY* Happy Meal!!!

  5. I used to live in rural Oklahoma during my Army years. This kind or holier than thou reaction and “oh nos think of the children” b.s. outrage to this stupid truck, reminds me of all the biblethumping hicks I had to put up with in OK.

  6. Why must we hate so? Why can’t we just get a long? I’m sure we will never satisfy everyone.

  7. Yes, funny, BUT, by day this truck is parked on 37th Avenue, across from the Balboa branch library and within view of Lafayette Elementary School just a half-block downhill. This is sooooo not appropriate for the hundreds of little kids who walk past it daily. It got towed once; I wish that with a little bit of creative complaining from both neighbors and any/all Richmond dwellers, we could get it towed often enough to force it permanently out of the neighborhood.

  8. Too bad they’re not lined with Petco and the Grammy awards, too…that way, he could spend even more time avoiding doing his job and chasing totally unrelated topics…presumably in the hope that he could “further his career’ with another cringe-worthy appearnce with John Stewart. You remember how he was on before and let the whole world see how pathetic san francisco supervisors really are.

  9. park it in front of his house and blare music from Thursday afternoon until 9:30 on Sunday night so he could have the smallest tiniest idea of what he puts hundreds of his neighbors through each year with Outside Lands…which he laughs and jokes about and says they are all making a big fuss over nothing.

  10. Sarah, glad you liked the photo.

    @cathy I think we all agree with you. I think the point people like @coyotelands are talking about is that Eric Mar only takes care of what “he deems to be inappropriate” commercialism.

    I have an ice cream truck which many including myself would find annoying and a blight if parked and left in front of my house. Eric is using his own selective filter to prevent pet stores, trucks and other businesses from entering the area. What people are asking is that he focus on the bigger issues such as the schools in the district, making the district safer for kids, not distrurbing the rights of the residents by allowing events such as “outside lands and hardly strictly bluegrass” to disrupt the lives of his constituents.

    Do you realize that even if you wanted to open a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream store on Clement St. that you can’t? 1st, it breaks the franchise law protecting small businesses in San Francisco, and 2nd, he’d probably say that it would hurt the business of Joe’s on Geary and Toy Boat on Clement St.

    In the end Eric did the right thing and removed the vehicle from residential parking areas, but there are still many commercial vehicles parked all over the district with commercial markings that should be removed from those streets.

    He made the City a laughing stock with his cluelessness on Jon Stewart. BTW, he can be quite the same in person. His oddness and lack of social skills I find are reflective of his politics. I’m sure he means well, but I believe we can do better. Hopefully we can get someone smart and connected and NORMAL to run for supervisor.

  11. Once upon a time there was a Baskin-Robbins at 21st and Geary.

    There was also a bowling alley on Sixth Avenue.

    What about all the commercial vehicles that park along Fulton all night and the Franklin Plumbing truck that parks near Park Presidio to advertise? Franklin Plumbing is a franchise. So is Liberty Tax, and the other major tax preparer.

    If Mar had his way, we would also be without Radio Shack, Walgreen, BevMo, Office Depot, Office Max, Gordos, FedEx, all mattress stores, bank branches, May Wah Market, Royal Ground, Tully’s, Ross, Arbys, Jack in the #$%#& (affectionate term I learned from Texans), and more.

    I believe it is an uphill battle for a sane district supervisor; recent citizens from China and Russia are familiar and comfortable with the socialist agenda put forth by the progressive bloc.

  12. And there used to be a Baskin Robbins & Mrs. Fields on Clement between 7th and 8th.

    The Richmond District had the 2 best theatres with the Coronet and Alexandria.

    Clement St. was what Fillmore St. it today (cleaner than it is today yet mor mul;ticiltural than Fillmore St.).

    The fact is that the Richmond District had the best toy stores (King Norman’s), Sports shop (Lombardi’s), Thrift shop (Busvan) and gift shop (Lazy Susan) that people would come to from all over the city to visit. We need to let business thrive (legally)

    Eric…..stay out of business Darwinism.

  13. @4th Generation Richmond Districter

    There was a bowling alley on 6th ave!? Where?

    And what does Eric Mar have against shops like Gordo and May Wah which are not big chain stores like the others you listed?

  14. What gets me about Mar is that he’s a big supporter of Occupy Wall Street and is out there cheering them on. So if the small businesses at the the Ferry Building or in Oakland suffer and can’t me the rent, he’s OK with that because he’s contributing to A Better World, or something like that.

    But if there’s some minor, minor blight like the Hustler truck, then he’s all NIMBY squared and parochial and outraged.

    I will give him this: he’s hard-working for the District. I don’t participate too much in local causes, but every time I do, he’s there. I still think he’s a jerk.

  15. I’m surprised they park that truck outside – I would think it would be such a ripe target for graffiti that they’d find a garage or a fenced-in lot.

  16. Thank you Supervisor Mar for handling the situations with Jack-in-the-Box and the Hustler truck. These were quality of life issues that some may poke fun at, but really meant a lot to those of us who lived near them.

  17. Agree with Jake – thanks, Supervisor Mar for improving the quality of life in the Richmond.

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