Rockit Room takes a break from hosting live shows to “rebrand and reprogram”

If you’ve noticed things have been a little quieter on the 400 block of Clement in the evenings, it may be because the Rockit Room is taking a 30 day break from offering live music shows.

After complaints from neighbors and increased police calls, the Rockit Room has been under the microscope of the Entertainment Commission over the past several months. In March, the Commission outlined a long list of conditions that the club needed to meet in order to hold on to their right to host live music events.

Most of the conditions required increased security (“Install surveillance cameras inside and outside the door to the venue “, “All security must wear distinctive clothing”, Must pat down and electronically scan every patron”) as well as better handling of the acts that perform at the club (“If using outside promoters, there must be a contract in place prior to event, and they must have special event insurance and be registered with city”).

The Commission also mandated that the club end any live entertainment by 1am and have lights on in the club and bar by 1:30am every night.

But within two weeks of receiving their directive from the Entertainment Commission, the club was already falling short according to local police. Which could spell death for the Rockit Room if their entertainment license were to be revoked.

To avoid further censure by the Commission, the Rockit Room has voluntarily agreed to a 30 day hiatus from live entertainment. Entertainment Commission Executive Director Jocelyn Kane told The Examiner that the club owners voluntarily suspended their permit for one month in order to “rebrand and reprogram” the music venue.

The Rockit Room remains open as a bar and lounge, but live music shows won’t start up again until May 6. During their hiatus, owners will need to continue to make changes to satisfy the conditions laid out by the Entertainment Commission.

The clock is ticking – let’s see if the club can get their act together both as a venue, and as a better neighbor.

Sarah B.

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  1. Given that the petition that some 1500 Richmond district residents signed declaring that they wanted Jack in the Box on Geary closed from 2-4 a.m. after decades of problems at that location was utterly IGNORED by the Entertainment Commission, despite Supervisor Mar’s endorsement (finally) of it…it seems remarkable to me that this action has been taken. Can’t help but wonder if there might not be other forces at work here…

  2. It used to be a venue geared towards acoustic folk/rock/alt acts and it was nice back then. Maybe they’ll go back to that format.

  3. typical example of govt. over regulation and uptight citizens disrupting the economy in a negative way…that small little place must pat down AND electronically scan all patrons? that’s just ridiculous.

  4. Let’s hear it for public pressure. Sometimes collective action gets good results.

  5. @Sue – Last I checked, this thread had “Rockit Room” in the title, not Jack in the Box. Let’s stay on topic, please. Thanks

    Sarah B.

  6. Glad to hear this. The Rockit Room used to be a fun and comfortable place to go on weekends and then it got a little too rowdy for me. Like Robin said, I hope they return to their previous format.

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