Looks like Angelo’s Cafe on Clement & 24th has closed

RichmondSFBlog reader Todd sent us a note today about Angelo’s Cafe, located at 2314 Clement between 24th and 25th Avenue.

“My wife and I had breakfast there most sundays, and we went by yesterday and it was closed up. I peeked in thru the blinds and it was nearly empty,” Todd wrote.

Looks like the eatery has closed its doors – their website is gone and their phone number is disconnected. Their Twitter account is very outdated.

I never got a chance to eat there, but the cafe – including Ana who worked there – seemed well-liked with a 4 out of 5 star review on Yelp, and mentions of praise for their breakfast sandwiches. Judging from their twitter feed, sounds like they hosted live music every now and then as well.

Were you an Angelo’s customer or neighbor? Leave a comment to let us know how you feel about them closing down.

Sarah B.


  1. I walk by there a lot and it usually was pretty empty. The people were nice but I can’t say that their cases were very appealing. They had good ice cream, though. It’s too bad they couldn’t make it – I wonder why? Maybe because there’s also a Royal Grounds on that block. But the Royal Grounds isn’t particularly appealing either….

  2. Actually they closed a few weeks ago, they sold off everything.

  3. I’m sad to see them go, I was a frequent customer!! Ana was quite a sweet lady and extremely friendly, and she always ran a great restaurant. It wasn’t always busy, but I always saw at least four or five there at any given time, reading or just enjoying the day while they had their coffee and food. Her breakfast sandwiches were indeed quite tasty.

  4. That is sad–last thing that part of Clement St needs is another empty commercial space. Next time I pass by a neighborhood business thinking I will check it out later, I will instead try check it out THEN in that moment, because too often it seems there is no later. Any idea of why so many Richmond businesses continue to operate so much more under the radar than those in many other parts of the city?

  5. Maybe they were a recipient of one of those ADA lawsuits from that guy in San Rafael. Anyone? I know that Bill’s got one and they’re across the street.

  6. The restaurant/cafe business is a VERY hard go; most of them go out of business. Customers are fickle. It takes a very special place that is highly differentiated from those around it, to survive. Either the latter, or a phenomenal foot traffic location. Sometimes, just shutting down for a few weeks, for a vacation, can cause just enough of a shift in customer behavior sufficient to bring a place down.

    There are simply too many restaurants in this district, and most of them are not highly differentiated from their competition.

  7. That block has a lot of foot traffic – so that wasn’t the problem.

  8. kayvaan, You’re correct, but it was just another coffee shop – not highly differentiated from the others. Very typical in this District. Lots of copy cat businesses that start up and go under. It’s sad – and, it doesn’t have to happen. We should have business *type* zoning in SF, like a lot of other cities – that keeps business *type* from getting to dense, and help business sustainability. The only winners in this District are the landlords!

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