Supervisor Eric Mar likes being in hot water… at the YMCA

How does a weary Supervisor relax after battling Happy Meals and Hustler stripper trucks? Apparently by relaxing in the hot tub at our local YMCA.

In a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Mar made mention of the Richmond District YMCA’s 90th anniversary.

He told his fellow Supes that he enjoys the jacuzzi, sauna and working out at the facility, located on 18th Avenue near Geary.

But the mention of hot-tubbing didn’t stop there. Mar went onto invite his fellow politicos to dive in with him.

“Please support a great Y. Also, and please join me in the Jacuzzi and sauna when you can, or the weight room one of these evenings… I’m serious about joining me in the Jacuzzi sometimes, you guys.”

The next time you need to meet with Mar or have something on your mind, check the hot tub at the YMCA. Perhaps he’ll move his bi-monthly coffee hours to this venue? Let’s just hope it’s not bathing suit optional.

Sarah B.

[via The Examiner]


  1. you couldn’t pay me to get into that jacuzzi. it looks so gross.

  2. I wish the Jacuzzi and the environ in the picture were like that at ‘Y.

  3. I’m with Colin, that’s the last jacuzzi I would voluntary step into. There are people bathing in that thing. Very gross.

  4. I’d recommend cornering him in the weight room as I’m with Colin, Derek and Sam. Just be sure to have some free weights handy while you’re telling him how he does not represent us.

  5. That picture is certainly not a pic of the jacuzzi at The Richmond District YMCA, just sayin…

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