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Photo: Richmond District (and SF) from space

Photo by André Kuipers. Click image to enlarge

Astronaut André Kuipers tweeted out the photo above as he orbited over the Bay Area on April 21. What a cool job. And I love that you can clearly see the swath that is Golden Gate Park.

Sarah B.

[via Huffington Post]

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3:40 pm | Posted under Photos | 3 comments
  1. Gary said (04/26/12; 10:00 pm):

    Interesting how crud comes down the rivers and eventually goes out the gate.

  2. 4th Generation Richmond Districter said (04/27/12; 7:10 pm):

    San Andreas Fault is very clearly deliniated. What’s with the orange sections?

  3. salty said (05/1/12; 3:27 pm):

    The orange sections are some of the evaporation ponds of the local salt companies. As the water evaporates the varying salinity favors different microbes and organisms, The orange color is caused by
    many many many brine shrimp