Police Blotter – June 15, 2012 | Message from new Captain, Sharon Ferrigno

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of June 15, 2012. To be added to the station’s mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org.]

I am delighted to be your Captain at Richmond Station. I was born and raised in San Francisco where my parents ran a small restaurant at Beale and Mission Streets. My Grandmother lived in Golden Gate Park in the temporary emergency tent city after the 1906 earthquake and her father was an iron worker who helped build City Hall. I have been with the San Francisco Police Department since 1984 working at Ingleside, Park, Investigations, Homeland Security, Northern, Central, Southern and now The Richmond Police District. You have my commitment that I will work diligently to reduce crime and preserve the quality of life in our district. I look forward to working closely with you, my door is always open.

Our next Community meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 7pm. It will be in the Community Room, here at Richmond Station, 461 6th Ave.

Captain Sharon Ferrigno

On 06/11/12 at 1:30pm, officers were called to 9th and Geary regarding an assault in progress. As the officers arrived they were flagged down by a witness and saw two males on the ground. The witness told the officers that one of the men on the ground had spit and kicked the victim, the other male on the ground. Officers detained the suspect and were told the following. As the victim was walking east on Geary, he saw the suspect yelling and harassing a couple walking by. When the victim walked by, the suspect turned his attention to him and stood directly in the victims path. The suspect began to yell, spit and kick at the victim and when the suspect kicked him a second time, the victim grabbed his leg and took him to the ground. At this point the victim saw the witness and asked him to call 911. The suspect, a 40 year old male was charged with battery and also had 3 outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Between 06/07/12, 11pm and 06/08/12, 6am on the 800 block of 41st Ave, a suspect gained entry into a garage and stole the vehicle that was parked inside. There were no signs of forced entry into the garage, and the vehicle was later recovered on the 2300 block of Lake St.

On 06/08/12, between 9:30am and 10:00am on the 3400 block of California , the victim was shopping in the area and her phone was removed from her purse.

On 06/08/12 at 2:30pm, the victim was using the computer at the public library. The suspect came up and asked to use the computer the victim was on, and when the victim said no, the suspect hit her on the back of her head with a fist. The suspect, a black female, 18-21 years of age, fled in an unknown direction on 9th Ave ,

On 06/09/12, between 1pm and 4:30pm on the 400 block of 39th Ave , a suspect gained entry into a home by prying back the gate on the front door. The suspect then fit his hand through the opening and smashed the glass on the front door. The suspect took a laptop, video projector and music equipment.

Between 06/09/12, 9pm and 06/10/12, 12:15am, two different victims had there phones taken from their purses while in a bar at 3rd and Geary.

On 06/10/12 at 2:25am, the victim had just returned home on the 700 block of 44th Ave. While inside, he heard noises coming from the garage area and walked out the front door and around the corner. He then saw the suspect climbing into the window of his garage and when he saw the victim he climbed out and ran east on Cabrillo. The suspect was described as a white male with blond hair, 5’10” 160lbs wearing a red parka and black pants.

Between 06/10/12, 5pm and 06/11/12, 6am on the 700 block of Arguello, a suspect gained entry into a business by prying open the front door. The suspect then smashed open the cash register and took the money from inside, as well as a laptop from the office.

On 06/10/12 at 6:45pm, the victim was opening his driver’s side door on the 6700 block of Fulton . He heard a horn honking and saw the suspect’s vehicle approaching in the #2 lane. The victim raised his hands in disbelief and was upset that the vehicle came close to hitting his door. The suspect vehicle then pulled over in a nearby bus stop and the victim walked towards the vehicle and began taking pictures of it. The driver got out and the two began to argue about the “near miss” and the suspect finally walked back to his car. He turned around and came back and struck the victim in the chin. The victim then tried to call 911 from his phone but the suspect knocked it out of his hand, landing on the grass nearby. They began to grapple with each other and the passenger exited the vehicle, grabbed the victim’s phone and both fled back to the car, fleeing east on Fulton . The suspects were described as white males 20-25yrs, one wearing a green shirt and khaki shorts, the other in a brown shirt with blue jeans. The vehicle was described as a white Subaru, 4dr.

On 06/11/12, between 8am and 5pm on the 6800 block of Fulton, a suspect pried open the front door of an apartment building and took a bike from the second floor landing.

Between 06/12/12, 6pm and 06/13/12, 9am on the 3700 block of Balboa, the suspect removed a lock to the front door of a business. The loss was cash and archery bows.

On 06/13/12 at 6:17pm, the victim was walking west on Bush St towards Presidio Ave. She felt someone forcefully pulling on her purse that she was holding in her hand. She lost her grip on the purse and saw the suspect fleeing east on Bush with the purse. The suspect met up with the second suspect who was standing at Bush and Lyon Sts and they fled together, south on Lyon to eastbound Sutter. The suspects were described as black females, 13-14 yrs of age, with the first suspect wearing a yellow t-shirt and white shorts. The victim was uninjured.


  1. Repost from last thread:

    Has anyone in the inner richmond had any run-ins with the newest crazy in the area? A middle-aged Asian woman who consistently walks around the Arguello/Clement area (and possibly further) screaming curses at the top of her lungs?

  2. No.. but what about the woman with long gray hair who always wears headphones? She crept up behind me one time and another time she screamed out “Let’s all burn bibles!” She’s usually around the Mt. Lake area.

  3. Haven’t seen either of those crazies but this post reminds me how spoiled we are compared to the Mission/TL/SoMA…hehehe. 🙂

  4. I have recently encountered an older Asian woman (looks Filipino, but not sure); she appars as partially made up, and walking in what appears to be a nightgown, on Clement, between 4th and 10th. She looks haggard and says she is homeless. She walks right into cafes and asks for money. I gave her money the first time I saw her. About a week later, I saw her enter the Cafe that’s close to Presidio Parkway (forgot the name). I was curious and watched her operate, asking for money. As she left, about half a block away, I saw a man – maybe mid-40’s, with a shopping cart, who appeared to know the lady. I asked him if he knew her; he was upset that I asked, and said that “I do know her; what about it?”. I told him that she was claiming to be homeless, and that if he knew and/or was related to her that she should not be out roaming the street, begging for money. At that point, he started to lead her away, saying ‘don’t worry about her!”.

    My conclusion is that the woman may indeed be compromised in some way, and that the mid-40’s guy is a manipulative scumbag “friend” or “relative” who is using her to collect money off the street. If I see her again, I am calling the cops; they will find out where she lives, and maybe give her “friend” a warning.

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