Quan Ju Fu, Chinatown’s second location, opens in old Yet Wah space

In late April we got word that the former Yet Wah restaurant space at Clement and 23rd Avenue may be finding a new tenant.

Today, Quan Ju Fu restaurant is opening its doors, offering “family-style dining and lots of different options for individuals with different tastes.”

Gone is the purple facade of Yet Wah, replaced with a traditional Chinese red paint job, new doors and signage.

Quan Ju Fu, which loosely translates to English as “enjoying things together”, is the second location for Chinatown Restaurant, a well-known tourist stop at Washington and Grant in Chinatown that has been in business since 1919.

Spokesperson Daisy Quan says that they wanted to open a second location in the Richmond District to cater to locals rather than tourists.

“We felt that we were very out of touch with the local population here in San Francisco. We believe in our food and that it will appeal to locals as well,” Quan said.

Quan Ju Fu offers traditional Chinese dishes, as well as Shabu Shabu. Dim sum is offered all day, and Quan says their Combination Dim Sum Special, which includes an assortment of staple dim sum choices, is “especially good for people new to dim sum”.

Other Quan Ju Fu specialties include Peking Duck with pancake wrappers, scallions, and duck sauce, and Szechuan Spicy Whole Crab.

The restaurant is also available for large groups or special events, accommodating as many as 200 people on its second floor, which includes a dance floor and karaoke machines.

Quan Yu Fu (2140 Clement at 23rd Avenue, 221-8018) is open daily from 10am until 10pm, and also offers takeout and delivery ($50 minimum required). The restaurant has a convenient white zone spot next to it, making it ideal for calling in an order and picking it up on your way home.

The restaurant’s website is still under construction, but you can view the menu here. If you get a chance to stop in and try the restaurant, leave a comment to let us know about your experience!

Sarah B.


  1. I tried this place today. Seems like a ripoff with their portions and also overcharged on the bill. If you have heard of their Chinatown location you would know that this place is a scam. Too bad that they had to bring it the Richmond because it seems to have left a tainted taste in my mouth.

    They charge a $1.50 PER PERSON for TEA. What sort of Chinese place charges $1.50 for tea when it comes standard with any meal. GTFOFH!!!

  2. 1.50 for tea!! Save that for the tourist!! I give them two months.

  3. Seriously. You could give them a call and ask about it. The problem is that this charge isn’t disclosed. What would happened if you have a table of ten? I can’t imagine if you wanted rice what the charge would be. There is usually a charge for rice. But I can’t imagine how much they charge for rice when tea is already $1.50 per person. I really do wonder if they charge for water also. Or maybe they allow bring your own Lipton if this continues.

    A couple of the portions were decent but with their prices on the higher end you’ll expect much more. I had a plate that had ONE single piece of bok choy in the whole dish. Another dish of chow mein couldn’t match up to some of their nearby competitors at HALF the price and double the amount of food. I don’t usually complain about portion size however for the pricing + the tea charge + the sick overcharging to boost the bottom line of the the waiter seems like a pretty lousy start. At least Yet Wah had the nice comfortable sofa seats by the window. They ended up removing that for the old red seats that Yet Wah used to have, and painted the walls dark red which made it seem gloomy.

  4. Had lunch there today. Kind of oddly expensive, but the two dishes we had — tan tan noodles and pork with smoked tofu, both from the Sichuan menu — were pretty tasty. Not as special as what’s served at Sichuan Home, between 14th and 15th, but still pretty good.

    You need to ask for the Sichuan menu, by the way. It isn’t immediately delivered to your table along with the other menus.

    One nice treat: you get a little scoop of green tea ice cream along with your fortune cookie.

  5. Went for dinner last night, and if we hadn’t been the only patrons (it was ridiculously early) I would have left when I saw the prices. Pea shoots with garlic was $15. Okay, stop laughing. We picked a few dishes, they were okay, but I don’t even want the leftovers. Green tea ice cream was nice. Tea charge was absurd. Won’t be back.

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