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Woody Allen to shoot at Gaspare’s on Thursday for new film

Woody Allen has been seen around town the last couple of weeks filming his new movie that stars Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins, and Peter Sarsgaard.

Reader Diane saw signs posted around the neighborhood notifying residents that Allen and crew will be filming at Gaspare’s Pizza House & Italian Restaurant (5546 Geary) this Thursday between 11am and 9pm. Movie trucks will be using the St. Monica’s parking lot as a staging ground.

Allen’s new film is yet to be titled, but SFAppeal reports it’s “a romantic comedy film about a woman trying to make it on a budget when she moves to San Francisco after her posh New York City lifestyle comes crashing down.”

The film commission said the movie is about a wealthy woman [Sally Hawkins] who finds herself broke and in San Francisco, living with her sister and downsizing her life.

She eventually meets a man in the Bay Area who could solve her financial problems, but she first needs to discover who she is and, more importantly, accept San Francisco as her home.

Woody’s recent films have been city-focused with last year’s “Midnight in Paris” and this year’s “To Rome with Love”, so it’s great to see San Francisco receiving some of his cinematic affection.

If you’re near Gaspare’s on Thursday, look for Woody’s trademark off-white fisherman’s hat and khaki pants ensemble. Or go watch the film when it comes out in late 2013.

Sarah B.

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10:35 am | Posted under Movies | 17 comments
  1. Bradd H. said (08/20/12; 12:23 pm):

    Make it in San Francisco on a budget ??!! Good luck… Oh wait, it IS a movie isn’t it :-)

  2. kayvaan said (08/20/12; 1:18 pm):

    he’s certainly dressed for the weather in our ‘hood.

  3. Alexandra the Tsaritsa said (08/20/12; 2:05 pm):

    She’s trying to make it on a budget, which is why she moved from the second most expensive city in the United States to the first? Makes a lotta sense.

  4. Khaki said (08/20/12; 3:07 pm):

    Well, she’ll be saving $2 a month maybe! LOL I heard she moves in with her sister, which really makes all the difference.

  5. Thomas Raher said (08/20/12; 3:31 pm):

    I love Woody and his tongue in cheek humor, and I’m a fan of all his movies. I eat at Gaspare’s. I go to church at St. Monica’s. I used to bar tend up the street from Gaspare’s at the Nags Head. I’m stoked.

  6. Derek said (08/20/12; 9:50 pm):

    I used to eat at Gaspare’s back when I was in high school!

  7. Stuart Koplowitz said (08/21/12; 9:06 am):

    Funny, I’ve never seen San Francisco and budget in the same sentence. I love Woody Allen’s movies and will look forward to seeing my city in his next one.

  8. Stuart Koplowitz said (08/21/12; 9:13 am):

    Woody Allen makes honest movies with unique and interesting locales. What makes his movies so interesting to see is the emphasis on the location he uses. It’s shares equal billing with the cast members. I guarantee you, you will never see a motorized cable car in one of his pictures.

  9. Rob S. said (08/21/12; 6:22 pm):

    The BEST Woody Allen movie of all-time in “Match Point” with Sacrlett Johanson and Jonathan rhys Meyers.

  10. Evelyn said (08/21/12; 6:57 pm):

    WoW!! Gaspare’s is the BEST pizzeria in SF!! Woo-Hoo! Woody chose well. RESPECT! :)

  11. Quinn Alessandro said (08/21/12; 7:49 pm):

    Awesome! I grew up eating Gaspare’s Pizza. Great Restaurant! Gaspare is a true Italian fresh off the boat, very kind to all customers.

  12. Harietta said (08/21/12; 8:07 pm):

    Me too Quinn!!! I love the cheesecake at Gaspare’s! I heard his wife makes it from scratch, she’s so talented :) I wake up in the middle of the night craving that cheesecake yummmmm!

  13. Amy said (08/22/12; 11:23 am):

    I have been dining at Gaspares for over 30 years!! I love the old country style that has not changed since I started eating there…the hanging vines and the murals/paintings of SF and Italy.

  14. renee said (08/22/12; 10:01 pm):

    People who have lived here for a number of years will know that Gaspare’s used to be called Vince’s.

  15. sprockets said (08/23/12; 8:27 am):

    Say hello to the crew. Most of them are locals and some could even be neighbors. Everyone of them wants to thank you for the City’s film rebate program without which Woody and other productions, wouldn’t be here.

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