Local links: “Face-slapping” massage, free museums this Sat., Lands End & more

Ocean Beach, Kelly’s Cove and a flattened Playland in 1972 (see larger version. Via Stokereport.com

Here are some local links to round out your week. Enjoy the weekend! – Sarah B.


  1. Is that Face Slapping place a joke? Their website is complete crap and suspicious. $1000 treatment and cash only? haha

    what’s going on with that place!

  2. Hey, I’ll beat the crap out of you — free! It’s healthy for your colon! j/k

  3. Thank you Richmond District Blog. I got to use my free ticket to go to the Cartoon Museum.

  4. The face slapping place seems real… I watched them put up some more massive banners yesterday.

  5. If you think $1000 is a lot, check out how much this person charges to train a slapping technique! This one is called “breast slapping”.

    Before you get too full of yourself and say “this stuff is a hoax”, check out this website:
    here’s the relevant quote:
    “…according to the website Mother Nature. One massage technique is called patting, which involves slapping your face with the bottom of your fingers. Do this for 20 seconds. The other technique is the wrinkle release, which involves applying pressure to your forehead with your fingertips. Massage in a circular motion on your face down to the cheekbones. Do this for a minute. These massage techniques promote circulation in the skin.”

    Just for kicks, I tried slapping my face a little bit, to see how it felt. I didn’t do this in front of a mirror, because getting slapped in the face, even by oneself, is liable to make one angry (haha). Anyway, I did feel blood rushing to the surface and also did feel somewhat energized! Interesting! There may be something to this.

  6. I see elderly Chinese doing this to themselves on the #1 sometimes. Seriously.

  7. I’d like to know more about the face slapping technique. Went by the new place the other day and the signs in their window caught my eye. I know a couple of people I’d like to send there… 🙂

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