Photos: Halloween 2012 in the Richmond District

We walked around Lake Street, West Clay Park, Sea Cliff and the central Richmond District last night to watch all the revelers. Despite the rain, kids and parents were out in droves, and houses looked great with plenty of spookiness. And the line was WAY long for the annual haunted house at the Appel & Dietrich Market (which was AWESOME!).

We’re thinking next year we may need to host a photo booth so everyone can stop and have their photo taken…

We hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Sarah B.


  1. Great pics! Just curious, was the GIANT mummy some kind of huge vinyl window sticker or a cardboard cut out placed in the window? Were these pics taken on Lake St.? California st.?

  2. @Derek – the mummy was hung up in someone’s window (across two panes), it was a pretty cool effect. The photos are taken on Lake, West Clay Park, Sea Cliff and 22nd & California (and some blocks in and around those areas). The mummy was on 27th Ave between El Camino and Lake if I recall (but don’t remember exactly).

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