Cajun and crawfish popping up all over the Richmond District

Reader Ben L. sent us pics of yet another restaurant space that may be going to the crayfish.

What was once a hookah lounge on Geary near 12th Avenue now bears the name “Rockin Crawfish” on its facade.

The space is still papered over and there’s no indication of when Rockin Crawfish will officially claw its way into the Cajun restaurant race. It could be another location for a restaurant by the same name on Foothill Blvd. in Oakland.

The font on their menu and that on the Geary facade look pretty similar. And if it is related, it might not be bad – they’ve got 4 out of 5 stars after several hundred reviews.

This latest crustacean eatery is the third entry into the Cajun-crazy Richmond District. Last week we got news that Perilla on Geary near 18th Avenue changed to Cajun Crawfish Boil. And earlier in May, Cajun House opened on 5th Avenue near Clement, bearing a crayfish on its facade.

Sarah B.


  1. i love the trend in hands on food experiences, like shabu and table grills, they make eating with friends fun!
    am i the only person who feels like crawfish taste like dirty salty shellfish? i hope they have other southern offerings cause those flavors (beyond fried chicken) could definitely use more representation in the bay area.

  2. It is nice to have another restaurant in the hood but there is already one Cajun restaurant (Cajun House) in the hood! And they are good! I don’t understand why people keep copying other people’s restaurant ideas, why not be creative and open up something differerent like a much needed Mexican taqueria?? Aarrrghhh, uncreative and copycats are annoying . It seems like someone saw that Cajun House was successful, he/she totally want to free ride it. Bravo for the owners at Cajun House for taking a creative risk and made a success out of it.

    There are too many Asian food places in the hood too, we need a yummy taqueria por favor. If I wasn’t traveling so much and working on another biz already, I would totally do it myself.

    So here is a give away to have a guaranteed success on a new biz idea – A TAQUERIA! Please no more shabu, Thai, Chinese, Cajun and dim sum places.

    Hope someone will be original and open up something different. Please please be a yummy taqueria!!

  3. Taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco…

    Are we being too subtle?

  4. there’s a bunch of these in the sunset too. Who knew cajun food was this profitable or popular in SF all of the sudden?

  5. The new Cajun place at Geary & 18th (old Perilla place) is called the Swamp. We ate there during its first week and was very impressed by their delicious sweet shrimp and cheerful staff. Great food. We think it’s on par with Cajun House (but closer to our house so easier to get to).

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