Rogue “STOP” painted at 28th & Clement intersection

Someone who lives near 28th Avenue and Clement must want a stop sign really badly. So badly that they took it upon themselves to paint in their own STOP signs next to the crosswalks.

I discovered it while driving up Clement on Sunday, and had a moment of confusion where my brain was saying “Stop!” but the lettering didn’t quite look right. On further inspection, there are also no red stop signs next to the intersections.

Legitimate stops already exist in the north-south direction of the intersection. There is sewer construction taking place on 28th just past Clement, but it doesn’t appear that these “STOP”‘s were painted as part of the project.

Nevertheless, most people were stopping at the intersection. We’re trained to, right?

The SFMTA does have a process for taking stop sign requests – in fact they have a whole traffic calming section of their website.

But maybe this 28th & Clement traffic vigilante just got fed up? After all, their site does say “The SFMTA has temporarily stopped accepting applications to our Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program”. They expect to reopen the process in Spring 2013.

Where’s Claire Dunphy when we need her? She’d be all over this stop sign nonsense…

Sarah B.


  1. Maybe our Channel 2 person who publicized the pole gardens will grab this story too!

  2. We put a report into 311, I’m sure it will get cleared up soon 🙂

    Sarah B.

  3. This is actually an intersection where we were looking into a resident’s request for a stop sign. We are still working on that, but I would suggest that this isn’t the most helpful way to move the process along.

    This is, like Sarah experienced, a safety hazard in the form of graffiti. So if you have a request for a stop sign, let me know.

    Peter Lauterborn
    Legislative Aide
    Supervisor Eric Mar, District 1

  4. Just so I know — then am I supposed to stop even though it’s not actually a stop? Over the last few days I have seen folks breeze right through the stop while others do stop. Thoughts?

  5. It’s not a legitimate, signed stop yet, so while it’s always prudent to slow down at corners, you are not legally required to stop for this.

  6. I want one like this at 15th and Clement. Or at least something that says “STOP HONKING.”

  7. It’s pretty dangerous. I almost caused an accident when I saw it from the side when I was at the legitimate stop sign and entered the intersection because I assumed the oncoming car would have to stop. Everyone wants a stop sign at his or her intersection, including me, but it’s just not practical.

  8. Thought you all might want to hear this reply from the SF MTA on this issue:

    “STOP signs are primarily used to designate the right-of-way at intersections where right-of-way may be unclear. The right-of-way at this intersection is clearly defined, as vehicles on 28th Avenue must STOP and yield the right-of-way to vehicles on Clement Street. Our observations indicate that the vast majority of drivers comply with these right-of-way rules. These observations are further substantiated by the excellent safety record of this intersection, based on San Francisco Police Department reports from the past five years.

    However, to raise motorists’ awareness of the crosswalks at this intersection, we recommend the installation of fluorescent yellow-green pedestrian crossing signs at this location. These signs will be installed as soon as scheduling permits.”

    If anyone wants to follow up with me, as always, shoot me a line.

    Peter Lauterborn
    Legislative Aide
    Supervisor Eric Mar, District 1

  9. Unfortunately, there’s one problem with MTA’s statement about an excellent safety record based on SFPD police reports. Turns out that accidents where the police aren’t called don’t become part of the record. Fender benders, for example, are not likely to involve the police. So, even if there are many accidents at this intersection, unless the police come or there’s a reliable witness…game over.

    If anyone sees an accident at this intersection, create a record. Take a picture, notify MTA, try to get the police to come. The more data the better.

  10. What is all this mumbo jumbo about adding stop signs? We have way too many of them as it is. How about you remove some, and while you’re at it time the lights on 19th Ave. You think making it harder to drive will make the traffic go away? All you do is increase pollution and noise. Get the traffic flowing so cars can get out of here

  11. Jack, there was a time–before you moved here, no doubt–when the lights on 19th were (mostly) timed. And the ones on Sunset were timed so that if you drove ~33 mph, you could drive straight through without braking. However, with a lot more CARS here now, and with drivers driving impatiently “to get out of here,” the lights are no longer timed. And on Sunset and the Great Highway, transplants to the area are clueless that if they drove slower they could still cruise through lots of lights without stopping. But all it takes are one or two drivers (and there are more than that!) who insist on jack-rabbit starts when the lights turn red, even though they’ll have to brake at the next red light, making everyone behind them have to slow and stop too. It’s very simple, people: If you see that the light a couple of yards in front of you has just turned RED, there is no reason to drive like a bat out of hell to get to it. You’ll only have to stop again–and make traffic behind you bunch up. Take it easy, one or two car lengths ahead or behind is not going to matter than much in your life.

  12. Timed lights (like so many systems in life) only work when people know about them – even transplants and visitors. Why not just tell them instead of making it a mark of seniority and another reason to condescend to newbies? This is a city, there are going to be people from all over here – even in the boonies.

    As for the renegade stop sign, it is dangerous – no matter how long you have been here. Kind of like if someone put up a sign on Sunset or Great Highway saying “Timed lights: Go 90 mph.”

  13. I would agree that intersection needs a four way stop. 28th avenue has a four way stop or light at every intersection from Cabrillo all the way to El Camino del Mar – except at Clement St. Its easy to space that the cars on Clement aren’t stopping.

    I did drive by a serious accident scene about a year ago at that intersection.

    But the renegade stop sign is not the way to go!

  14. There is an accident about once a year at that intersection. People scoot through the stop sign. The biggest problem isn’t the cars hitting each other, it’s that many don’t respect the idea that pedestrians have the right of way. I’ve seen children almost hit there. I was walking with my 4-year old a year ago and a car sped by and almost hit us. I threw a soda but over threw, wish I’d have hit it right in the window, I’m 90% sure they were drunk. We were a foot away and assumed they’d stop. I wish I’d have hit them and they’d have gotten out of their car, I was going to hold them till the cops came and tell them what they did. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

  15. That makes sense, #16, people are spacing, I’ve done that and almost got hit somewhere else, when you assume they have a stop sign. Yeah, that taught me a lesson, I always look deep both ways now when I stop. I could see how that could happen though. The thing I hate about that corner is that old hunk of junk green car in the apartment building oozing rust and disgusting smells, kids play in it, and it hasn’t been moved since 1996, it doesn’t have a valid registration since 1996. I thought a car parked in one spot was supposed to get a ticket and get towed if it doesn’t get a registration. I spaced and got mine a little late last year and got a ticket while parked. But since this is in the apartment parking lot, it never gets a ticket. I think it’s a health hazard and kids are getting sick by touching it, it’s old, ugly, and a parking spot there could sell for $200 a month. The cops should make that guy take that car to the wrecking yard and sell the spot at market rate. Someone needs it and they could make some money. It’s disgusting that it’s been there that long out of use. And it’s a nice muscle car, someone who knew what they were doing could restore it and it could be useful. It’s terrible they let it sit there. Someone should tell Supervisor Mar about this problem. It’s only a matter of time before a Presidio Middle School kid gets sick touching that car.

  16. There are numerous missing (or poorly taped) crosswalks and painted stop signs missing from roads that have been recently repaved or have construction work done. Many have been missing for over three weeks since construction ended particularly along the Cabrillo St. between 25th~40th ave. It seems construction crews have forgotten to finish their work properly. Please fix this now.

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