Food news: Melisa’s re-opening, new Sake San, La Bergerie’s new look & more

We got word yesterday that beloved Melisa’s Chinese (450 Balboa) will finally re-open after a 6 month closure due to a fire at the print shop next door. Melisa’s website says they’ll open on January 7th “under the same management, same chef, same food”.

A new sushi bar, “Sake San”, is set to open soon at 626 Clement. The space is undergoing a major redesign and is expected to feature four tatami seats on one large raised platform, three tatami-style karaoke rooms, and a 25 foot-long sake and soju bar. EaterSF says the menu will feature a full sushi and yakitori menu (plus they have some sexy renderings of what the space will look like).

Reader Alissa sent us the above pic of a new awning that’s on La Bergerie (4221 Geary). In the past it’s looked a little dingy, and possibly deserted, but we’ve never actually tried to open the door. This new awning says “Sip N Slide” La Bergerie and mentions 28 beer (not beers) on tap. So perhaps the restaurant is under new management? If you know the details, leave a comment to let us know.

Food critic Patricia Unterman recently reviewed Chili House, a new Sichuan/northern Chinese restaurant that opened recently at 725 Clement. She writes that “Judicious ordering from the long Chili House menu will net an excellent neighborhood meal, casual and affordable, in a comfortable dining room”, and makes special note of their Pancake with beef, Wasabi with Chicken and Pork Intestine (“Don’t be scared off”), and Steamed Chinese Cabbage with Garlic. Her favorite dish is their Grilled Whole Fish. She closes with this advice: “By reading between the lines of the menu and taking some risks with some weird sounding dishes, you’ll get some tasty rewards.”

EaterSF mentioned last month that the 65 year old Israel’s Strictly Kosher Market (5621 Geary) will not renew their lease in March. No word on whether they’ll keep their catering business going.

Sarah B.


  1. So glad Melisa’s is back!!!! They are going to get about a billion orders when they reopen!

  2. Speaking of beloved local Asian places temporarily(?) closing, any word on Zaab at 908 Clement?

  3. Don’t know if you’ve reported this, but there’s another exciting new opening in the neighborhood: Lower Haight beer & whiskey purveyor Healthy Spirits (http://healthy-spirits.blogspot.com/) is opening a location at 12th & Clement.

    I passed by there today & was thrilled to see the awnings bearing logos from Belgian Trappist breweries. The owner was there, & he said they will open some time next week (Jan 7 – 11).

    If the items listed on their “new arrivals” section of the website are any indication, I for one foresee going there quite often.

  4. Wonderful. Now can someone open a taqueria. You know, the kind of restaurant we actually need in the Richmond District. And before anyone reminds me, I already know we already have Gordos and Panchos.

  5. That’s cool Healthy Spirits is opening at Clement and 12th. it will be yet another stop on my bi weekly Richmond District Saturday outing.

  6. Just wanted to chime in that I am also excited for Healthy Spirits. It looks really great and is a good use of the old K&T space.

  7. Checked out Yelp for La Bergerie and there are recent reviews for it, but the website link goes to a place with the same name in Alexandria, Virginia. Very strange. It’s been closed every time I have walked by in the last 5 years – would love to hear if anyone else knows anything.

  8. In regards to La Bergerie’s awning: It appears to be, from the picture, to be in the team colors of the San Francisco Giants. Any chance that the owner’s of La Bergerie are showing some rightful hometown pride for the World Series champs? Go Giants!

  9. “28 Beer on Tap”? What it *appears* to be is an Asian knockoff of Chomp N’ Swig, and only a block or two away from the the similar-looking bLim’s (formerly Cali-Pho-nia) on Clement. Good luck with *that*.

  10. Sip n slide is owned by the braniacs behind such other great names as Rockit Room (now Neck of the Woods), I have been told.

  11. La Bergerie was open continuously until just recently. I live a couple doors down and even ate there a couple times in the last few years. A nearby restaurant- Tri Colour, has been abandoned for many years, but recently they painted and are fixing up the place. I wonder what is planned for that space.

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