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Photo: “A couple of coyotes walked into Golden Gate Park…”

Photo by David Cruz – Natures Lantern

Taken Sunday around dusk in Golden Gate Park. Thanks to David for sharing!

Sarah B.

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5:10 am | Posted under Golden Gate Park, Photos, Wildlife | 7 comments
  1. fiddles said (01/8/13; 7:17 am):


  2. paul said (01/8/13; 8:05 am):

    They look like fine specimens. I hope they don’t meet the same fate as others before them.

  3. Susan said (01/8/13; 2:07 pm):

    We saw one crossing Park Presidio at Geary one morning while waiting for the bus….I think using the park presidio greenways as a path to the Presidio from GG Park.

  4. RK Bose said (01/8/13; 8:14 pm):

    They’ve been wandering around our Forest Knolls neighborhood, too.

  5. Westender said (01/9/13; 1:00 pm):

    Beautiful animals. This should alleviate the stray cat problem in no time.
    If only there was a wild animal to help with the bike thefts, car break-ins, vandals, and self-serving politicans, and perhaps skunks too.

  6. Derek said (01/10/13; 11:44 am):

    Those glowing eyes alone would do lots to curb bike thefts, car break-ins, and stuff like that.

  7. Bruce McGill said (01/11/13; 8:12 pm):

    These need to be relocated or exterminated. Until then, I recommend anyone walking their dog take bear spray or have some other method of defense planned.