1. They look like fine specimens. I hope they don’t meet the same fate as others before them.

  2. We saw one crossing Park Presidio at Geary one morning while waiting for the bus….I think using the park presidio greenways as a path to the Presidio from GG Park.

  3. Beautiful animals. This should alleviate the stray cat problem in no time.
    If only there was a wild animal to help with the bike thefts, car break-ins, vandals, and self-serving politicans, and perhaps skunks too.

  4. @Westender
    Those glowing eyes alone would do lots to curb bike thefts, car break-ins, and stuff like that.

  5. These need to be relocated or exterminated. Until then, I recommend anyone walking their dog take bear spray or have some other method of defense planned.

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