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Photos: Dolphins surfing near Sutro Baths

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

Taken on Tuesday out near Sutro Baths. Thanks to David for sharing pics of these frolicking dolphins!

Sarah B.

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

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10:30 am | Posted under Photos, Wildlife | 7 comments
  1. Jason said (01/9/13; 9:42 pm):

    Cool! I love seeing David’s pictures

  2. anna said (01/10/13; 7:53 am):

    Thanks Sarah–We are so lucky to have the awesome David Cruz in our midst!

  3. Derek said (01/10/13; 3:22 pm):


    No wait, WOW!!!!

  4. andy said (01/10/13; 7:32 pm):

    Amazing. Thanks!

  5. Erica said (01/10/13; 10:07 pm):

    Wow! David is some kind of magical animal whisperer. How he manages to get these shots of dolphins and the GG Park coyotes is incredible!

  6. Rowena Cape said (01/14/13; 6:12 pm):

    Beautiful shots of the dolphins. What time were the photos taken?

  7. Gimme 5: Party Animals, Rivals Unite, The Hall of Shame, and 49ers Playoffs « erin browner said (01/18/13; 11:23 am):

    […] The Sutro Baths are becoming a hotspot for party animals, and I don’t mean late-night punk rock show-goers raging in its caves. Recently an adorable wittle¬†sea otter burrowed its home in the Baths’ nooks, and this week dolphins were spotting riding the swells near Sutro. (Richmond Blog) […]