New wind turbine installed at Cliff House as part of energy test

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

On Monday, a new wind turbine was installed at the Cliff House. The turbine, originally slated for installation last July, sits atop a 19 foot, 8 inch pole and extends about 10 feet above the roof of the building.

It is expected to generate about 9433kW hour per year – enough to power the small Cliff House gift shop.

The turbine is designed to be noiseless and rotate at just 85 revolutions per minute, slow enough to ensure that no wildlife such as bats or birds, are harmed by it.

In the project fact sheet, it states that the program requires a zero bird injury rate, so if one or more are injured, the turbine will be removed.

The installation is part of the National Park Service’s overall sustainability plan. The 3 year pilot will be monitored closely to measure its impact, which estimates a Green House Gas savings of 13,408 kilograms per year.

Sarah B.

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz


  1. Oh yea…a political, overpriced, underpowered eyesore. One installed next to that tourist trap on the hill is fine, but they better not litter the rest of the beach.

  2. Wind turbines that don’t harm bats or birds – seem perfect for the Outer (and Inner) Richmond. I hope it works well, and if it does, that we see a lot more of them.

  3. Very cool – great to see us trying designs like this. I like the ones on the east end of Crissy Field near the cafe and those along the PUC building on GG Ave in the Civic Center too. More please!

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