What if WALMART took over the Fresh & Easy on 32nd Avenue?

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets are not doing well for their parent company, Tesco, and as a result, the UK conglomerate is looking for a way to unload their 200 stores.

They announced in an email last month that they don’t plan to close any Fresh & Easy stores in the meantime, but that they are exploring the option of selling the stores to another retailer.

Today the Examiner started the rumor mill churning with mention of WALMART as one of Tesco’s potential buyers for the Fresh & Easy chain.

“I have heard that Tesco is having conversations with Wal-Mart and that Wal-Mart has expressed interest in purchasing Fresh & Easy locations,” San Francisco Supervisor Malia Cohen, who has a Fresh & Easy market in her district, told the Examiner.

San Francisco, in particular the labor unions, has never been very welcoming to the idea of WALMART joining the list of city retailers. But purchasing the Fresh & Easy business would make WALMART’S entry considerably smoother.

San Francisco has three Fresh & Easy markets currently – ours at Clement Street and 32nd Avenue, one at Silver Avenue and Merrill Street, and one at Third Street and Carroll Avenue.

If Walmart purchases Fresh & Easy, they could move into existing locations without too much red tape, including the Richmond District location.

“When stores in special commercial districts (like the Fresh & Easy on Clement Street) shut down, the new tenant usually has to get a special authorization to operate. But if the new company has purchased the old company, no authorization is required,” wrote the Examiner.

So blog readers, how would you feel about a WALMART taking over the Fresh & Easy space? Please expound in the comments.

Sarah B.

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  1. And Target pays a lot more, I believe starts at 13 and most make 16 or more. Look it up but it’s not 10.75. That’s a cruel suggestion and that’s why I don’t shop at Fresh and Easy. They are Union Busters!

  2. @phil Buddy you sound like a compleate moron. Someone that can’t have an open discussion without going off into left field shows how stupid and childish you are. WALMART is an all-american company! GET OVER IT! There guarantee war vets a job waiting for them when they come back from afghanastan, no questions asked. Now that sounds like an honest company to anybody with a brain to them. I know guys (personally) that come back from war that can’t land a job. They still need to feed themselves, and WALMART fulfills that role. It may not be a gold mine are far as salary goes, but they employee those who can’t secure a high paying job. Employment is good for the economy and WALMART is the ultamate employer. The people that shop there are low to middle class that need a break. So that is the purpose of WALMART. Don’t villainize a company that gives a break to people on the brink and supports our troops and community.

  3. Please, Rob. You chastised Phil for calling you a troll, now you are using terms like “complete moron,” “stupid,” and “childish” to characterize someone whose opinion you disagree with. How about just agreeing to disagree? Can we keep this a civilized blog? It certainly started out this way.

  4. @rob I know a sows ear when I see one, like any thinking person would. In fact, it doesn’t take a genius to see the harm that WalMart has done to the American worker, and American commerce. Tell me, Rob, how many of the $$$ that WalMart makes go back into the small local communities whose commerce WalMart has gutted? I want some facts, not just rants.

    What astounds me is that you – or anyone else – would fall for WalMart’s garbage PR stunts, like hiring military vets, and making a big deal out of it. LOTS of companies give preference to vets, and there are even Federal incentives in place to encourage companies to do just that. So, you would rather see a vet go to work at WalMart, where – if he has a family of three – his opening pay qualifies him for food stamps…which means that the taxpayer is picking up part of WalMart’s “benefit” to that vet.

    Also, in your rush to call me names, you forget to answer the queries I put to you in my last post. How about that? How about coming along with some FACTS, instead of emotional opinion? Anyone can get all amped up about their favorite thing – yours, being WalMart, but it appears when you are getting called out on empty opinion, you come up lacking.

    So, since you seem reluctant to do your own research, I will do some for you. Can you imagine being enlightened by someone you have called a moron? Well, Rob, there’s always a first time; I hope you’re not too embarrassed.

    Rob, I like this one, because it’s all in pictures, and I like pictures – they tell stories. I hope you like this story, because it’s one of the most addictive infographics I’ve ever seen about the pure evil that WalMart is:

    Rob, Here’s a nice comparison of Military Pay Vs. WalMart’s pittance. Gee, they really help those vets, don’t they – NOT!

    WlaMart’s Human Trafficking Problem

    The evils of why communist Wal-Mart is ruining America. The True facts. (nice soundtrack, Rob – hope you enjoy it!)

    Top Reasons the Walton Family and Walmart are NOT “Job Creators (with citations)

    Comparison Shop WalMart: No Significant Savings And Damage To Local Economy

    WalMart: Leading the Race to the Bottom

    The Damage of WalMart

    Corporate Greed Alert: WalMart Cutting Health Care Benefits

    Chain of Greed: How Walmart’s Domestic Outsourcing Produces Everyday Low Wages and Poor Working Conditions for Warehouse Workers

    There’s lots more, but I’ll stop here.

    One more thing: I and the MAJORITY of Richmond residents who have time will be lobbying HARD against ANY attempt by your lame “hero”, Walmart to get its grimy, greedy, seedy paws on our neighborhood.

  5. @Rob – is there any particular reason for your “shouting”? We all here can read, even if not spell.
    Your patriotic cry Wal-Mart is better than Target ’cause it is “all-american” is rather amusing, considering that Target is an American corporation second in size only to WM. Both are publically traded multinational corporations with investors from all over the world with major operation in Mexico, Brazil, China and India. The wages WM pays, however, that you seem to think veterans need to feed themselves, are not a cent over minimum wage. As far as I am concerned, veterans deserve better jobs and better pay. Not to mention that WM gives the old jobs back to some veterans, but WM had no presence in SF, so ther is nothing to give back. Also most veterans I ever worked with had much more sophisticated set of skills that is required by WM checkout clerk, so getting a job at WM when they get back, because it is the only game in their home town, is not much of a benefit.

  6. @ALY, @Rob S.-

    Now that you brought it up, Target’s corporate headquarters are in Minneapolis, MN. I know this because I used to work there. (Emphasis on “used to.” I have no affiliation with the company now.)

    Target also has a separate charitable foundation that gives part of its profits to the communities it has stores in. A number of schools have arts and music programs thanks to Target’s school outreach program. Target also funds the monthly Family Day free-admission days at local museums such as the Asian Art Museum in Civic Plaza. The company also encourages employees from their corporate offices to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and other community organizations.

    I am aware that Wal-Mart has its own charitable foundation and has escalated its donations and funding of nonprofits in the last ten years, largely because of the negative publicity the corporation has generated. However, the company tends to favor religious/church-based organizations, “alternative schools” (those that encourage creationist, fundamentalist views in their curriculum) and to the Boy Scouts of America, which at last glance, still refuses to admit gay Scouts or Scoutmasters. They also contribute a ton of money to conservative organizations like the Heritage Foundation and the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. (Wonder why? *sarcasm*)


    I realize some people in this forum might applaud this sort of charitable giving, but again, does this fit the values of the Richmond neighborhood or San Francisco in general?

  7. About WalMart’s “charity”. Here’s a cogent analysis that puts their so-called “charity” in perspective.

    Furthermore, WalMart could start being more “charitable” by paying a living wage! In fact, their “charity” hardly makes up for the devastation that they have caused, worldwide. Sweat shops in China? WalMartt is the largest supporter of those sweatshops. This is a bottom-feeding, souless company – run by an ignorant family that supports Creationism; that works against women’s rights; that guts communities – and then uses a few hundred million dollars (or their $90BILLION) to paint over their abuse. Sickening!

    The WalMart family, as far as I’m concerned – contrary to their “wave the flag” image – is a traitorous organization, mangling traditional American values in their greedy pursuit of the almighty Dollar.

    No way are they going to gain easy entree into this neighborhood, and it they do, expect that they will be picketed, mercilessly, for the entire tenure of their stay.

    the next time you see a picture of a child laborer, think about WalMart; they probably have a piece in that tragedy.

  8. @ phil,
    So now SF should discriminate aginst businesses based upon the owners religion? What the walton family has done is prove that with hard work and vision, a small store (that started out just like all the small businesses here) can become a successful empire. The have-nots will always be jealous and envious of those who are successful. A character assassination on the walton family based on their personal beliefs has nothing to do with opening a store. The person who started walmart (Sam Walton) worked like a dog to build this company from the ground up with no help from the community or overbaring government. He was smart not to sell out his company, he preserved it for his family to benifit from and it is one of the few privately owned complanys in the US. That is something to be proud of not ashamed of. I’m not here to debate WALMARTs business practices, but what I do belive that its presence would be a great thing for this neighborhood.

  9. @Rob

    This has nothing to do with discrimination, and everything to do with what kind of companies the people of the Richmond District wants in their midst. We have a right to try to exclude (or try to exclude) businesses that we believe fail to meet the ethical standards that resonate with those who live here. Sam Walton’s hard work notwithstanding, WalMart (as shown in the links I posted) does not have the ethical stance or values that people in San Francisco want in their midst.

  10. Walmart is already in San Francisco they deliver via http://www.walmart.com/togo which is their grocery delivery service. I use it every week as they are half the price of safeway. Stop moaning about stuff and save yourself some money.

  11. @Marian Of course, it’s your choice to spend your money any way you want. I’m not going to judge you, but will remind you that when you purchase something at WalMart, you are helping to contribute to the degradation of workers, the environment, local enterprise, abuse of workers, and many other wrongdoings committed by what just a generation ago would have been called a criminal organization.

    Last, do we really, in the long run, save ourselves money when we spend our dollars in ways that decimate human and environmental ecology? What is the opportunity cost of our dollars, spent elsewhere?

    Last, nobody is “moaning”. Those who don’t want WalMart here are *advocating* for the moral, ethical, social, and neighborhood values that they prefer – and that is their *perfect right* in a Democracy. Democratic advocacy is the lifeblood of our culture, something that Corporate bullies like WalMart have managed to legislate to the back room. We’re just waking up to that fact, as a nation. Expect that WalMart and other companies like WalMart are gong to feel the direct weight of that advocacy from now on. Never again!

  12. I’m not rich and I’ve been working the same temp job for over a year without benefits or vacation pay.
    I can’t afford a lot of the upscale boutiques and mom and pop store prices in San Francisco.

    If a big box store have the goods I want as a good price to stretch out my current paycheck a little farther, so be it

    This WalMart version is on a smaller grocery-only scale…not a mega store.

    Screw political correctness…I need to get food on the table…and clean underwear is nice.

  13. @egg Hope things pick up for you. There are a ton of small mom and pop food stores up and down Clement and Geary that sell produce and other items as cheap as WalMart does. $.79 per pound for broccoli, etc. WAY cheaper than even places like Fresh and Easy. Then, there’s Goodwill, on Clement. I go there all the time. Last week I scored a $1000.00 Hickey-Freeman sport coat for $10.00. Lots of really good stuff in there – also, the other thrift shops in the Richmond. Craig’s list is a great place to find a good deal.

    The point is we have options without having to resort to a soul-killing, environment-killing, union-busting company, like WalMart.

  14. The problem I find with San Francisco neighborhood shopping is killing one’s day going from location to location to location…on top of waiting for the MUNI bus and lugging the bags aboard for a crowded jerky ride home.

    Under a big box, it’s one stop shopping for the most part as a time saver…and hoping to have some funds leftover for the next visit and time enough for other chores and social occasions.

    Different strokes…

  15. Where does one buy underwear in the Richmond District aside from Ross? I think it would be great if Fresh and Easy could just start selling underwear… I would shop there more. 😉

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