Food news: Heartbaker coming to Clement; Chapeau! to expand its space

The old Chapeau! space at 1408 Clement has been empty for a few years now, but it looks like that is about to change. A new eatery called Heartbaker will be opening its first retail space sometime in March.

Heartbaker is headed up by pastry chef Sybil Johnson, who has stints at high-end San Francisco restaurants like Aqua, the Fairmont Hotel and Kokkari on her resume.

According to the menu section of their website, we can likely expect breakfast treats, cupcakes, cakes, pastries and even tarts to be on the menu. Sounds delicious! Heartbaker will also continue their wholesale business.

In other food news, the popular Chapeau! restaurant at 126 Clement is doing so well that they’ll be expanding into the additional space next door. They just got the city’s approval to do so and are targeting October to debut their additional space.

Thanks to reader Phil for the tips!

Sarah B.


  1. I received (as a nearby neighbor) notification from the city that Heartbaker also intends to serve wine and beer. Not sure how that fits into the bakery and pastry theme.

  2. @ Peter: not sure about the beer, but I can definitely see how wine and dessert go together. Think about all those dessert wines that are offered or paired with desserts at upscale establishments!

  3. Many bakeries also function as cafes. Beer and wine fit well into cafe theme (IMHO). Looking forward to trying out this new addition.

  4. I was told that Heartbaker will be serving “small plates”, probably with or without pastry. Thus, good wine and beer appear to be the order of the day. I really hope Heartbaker makes a go of it, as it adds a really new idea to the neighborhood. That little patch on Clement, between 16th and 17th, now has three great new operations – Heartbaker, Chomp & Swig, and the Panko place (with a fantastic hot sauce collection) next to Chomp and Swig. Wishing them all the best!

  5. Just around the corner from our house I’ve been keeping an eye on this place and hoping something good and delicious would move in. Sounds great! Looking forward to their opening!

  6. Exciting! Heartbaker catered my wedding! The cupcakes are amazing, and I’m a HUGE fan of the Bombolones!

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