Local links: GGP history, new sushi spot, BRT resignation, bank robbery & more

  • The Western Neighborhoods Project produced a fun history minute on the Prayerbook Cross that lives in Golden Gate Park. Some of you might not even know about it… Check out the video above.
  • Daigo Sushi opened recently on Clement near 25th Avenue. We think they’re one of the few to offer delivery in the neighborhood (and online ordering). Owner Jesse tells the blog, “We are a sushi only restaurant, however, we do things really deep and are trying to bring up more and more special fish to our neighbors. There is a lot of home made stuff in our restaurant.” Stop in to say “Moshi Moshi” when you get a chance.
  • Fed up with bureaucracy much? Kieran Farr is. He resigned from the Geary BRT Citizens Advisory Committee in January, telling members “what this seems like is we’re having developers re-do the same product five different times without ever launching it to the public, and that’s really concerning.” You can read more about his frustrations in a blog post explaining his departure. “What I’ve seen in the past 6 years has been a severe disappointment during which I have lost trust in America’s regulatory framework to enact effective transit improvements.”
  • Don’t be alarmed when some trees start disappearing from Golden Gate Park at the end of this month. It’s part of a Rec & Park initiative to target hazardous trees. They’ll remove 155 trees altogether, with plans to plant more. Factoid: Golden Gate Park has an estimated 25,000 trees in it.
  • Another bank robbery took place in the neighborhood on Friday, February 8 on Geary near 16th Avenue. Around 9:49am, a man between 30 and 40 years old, walked into the bank and demanded money from a teller, police said. The suspect fled in a white van that was last seen heading north on 17th Avenue. No weapon was seen during the robbery and no one was injured. Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to call the Police Department’s anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444 or to send a tip by text message to TIP411 with “SFPD” in the message. [SFAppeal]
  • Those who don’t pay their taxes… Remember the restaurant owner at Fune Ya (6th & Clement) who was hiding receipts under his floorboards in shoeboxes marked “seasoned octopus”? He was convicted last March of filing false tax returns, and was finally sentenced to two years and nine months in federal prison and ordered to pay $459,000 in back taxes. Those 26 “boxes of octopus” amounted to $1.85 million in sales that Chen had not reported to the IRS.


  1. Not surprise about Kieran’s resignation. When the BRT Citizen Committee was being formed I considered joining to be a voice of the neighborhood who cannot drive or ride a bicycle (permanent vision damage from being run over while on sidewalk as a child; a horror to pass the once-mandatory Driver’s Ed and Driver’s Training in SFUSD for high school diploma). On reviewing the application it became clear to me that I would have to sacrifice the better part of an entire room to handle the endless paper this project was intended to be buried in.

    Geary worked fine with streetcars back in the day. So did Clement, California, Balboa and Fulton. The tracks are still buried under much paving, except in the Western Addition where Geary’s route was altered and the flooding underpasses were built.

    An immediate and cost-free solution to much of Muni’s on-time woes is to turn 75% of all diesel bus runs into Limited Service, with stops only at transfer points or very specific high traffic stops such as schools and supermarkets. In the old days, the only locations where stops were directly across the street from each other was at transfer points, all other stops were staggered thus there would be a stop on your corner in one direction and a walk back to your corner in the other direction.

    The politics driving most city projects enriches The City Family and costs the citizens much more with lesser results.

  2. Shimo on Clement between 24th & 25th Avenues will deliver, for a fee. I had sushi at Daigo a couple of weekends ago, uni, maguro, and sake (salmon, not the alcoholic beverage, though they serve that too ^_^). They also have some interesting maki (rolls), though we didn’t try any during our visit. Service was friendly and fast, unlike the last restaurant that occupied that corner.

  3. We ate at Daigo on New Year’s Night and loved everything we had. We all tried the Hamachi Shot but I think I was the only one who loved it. Had a great selection of sushi and beer. Fresh and flown in from Japan daily he said.

  4. Btw, Daigo Sushi has a Yelp deal…pay $15 for a $30 gift certificate…go to their Yelp page to see it.

  5. Well stated, 4th Generation Richmond Districter! Appreciate that feedback & honesty.

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