Mysterious mini door continues to attract admirers… and offerings

There’s been a flurry of interest in the miniature mystery door that was installed at the base of a tree in the Concourse in Golden Gate Park. It has been the most popular post in this blog’s history, and there’s something about it that just gets people all excited. We’ve loved reading your comments and theories on who put it there and what it’s for…

Original photographer Erica R. stopped by the tree recently and saw some offerings that had been left inside the door.

Perhaps this will turn into a wishing tree, where people write their innermost desires on a slip of paper and tuck it inside the door? Or maybe someone just wanted to leave a little snack for the residents.

Whatever the reason, it’s pretty darn cute. Thanks for sharing the pics, Erica!

Sarah B.


  1. My little boy & his pal insisted it’s the door to a leprechaun’s house – they also insisted they had to leave a piece of candy and a dime for the leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day. I did tell them that leprechauns have plenty of gold of their own, but they would not be dissuaded. (Also, I think a leprechaun might have preferred a bit of the water of life, not candy, but I’m not gonna tell that to a 5 year old)

  2. We have our own fairy door now?! Are these the same fairies from Ann Arbor?

    Or maybe it’s the new home for those gnomes from Oakland…

  3. NBC Bay Area did a story on the door yesterday, and one of the people interviewed mentioned the Richmond Blog. Pretty cool! The video is on their website.

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