New Mexican eatery “La Ciudad de Mexico” opens on 6th Avenue near California

Bienvenidos a La Ciudad de Mexico, a new Mexican food cafe that opened this past Saturday in the old Jersey’s Sandwiches location at 200 6th Avenue near California.

Ciudad’s menu is pretty expansive considering the tiny space they are operating out of. Stop in for tortas, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and alambres (a mix of bell pepper, onion, and bacon with your choice of meat).

They also offer more traditional fare like sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches and salads. You can view their full menu online.

No word yet on how the food is, but there were plenty of curious people who stopped by to check them out over the weekend.

“I passed by today and the place was crowded (even though it doesn’t take much to crowd this place up!),” reader Mark T told us.

La Ciudad de Mexico is open Monday through Friday from 7am until 5pm, and Sunday from 8am to 4pm. They are closed on Saturdays.

Have you tried it out? If so, leave a comment to let us know how it was.

Thanks to readers Mark T. and Amanda for the tips.

Sarah B.


  1. Yay! Now everyone who has complained about “not another Asian restaurant” (including me!) needs to put their money where there mouth is and go try this place out and, if it’s decent — give it regular business. Right?

  2. My review of La Ciudad de Mexico: traditional Mexican (not Mission style). Small burrito, but damn tasty (I had the Al Pastor). Peas and carrots in the rice. GOOD salsa, but no chips. Lots of old world options (Nopales, squash blossoms, huitlacoche). Lots of Cuban influence as well. Can’t wait to try the Tortas, as the menu has a TON and the bread looks awesome.

  3. Thanks for the good review, Dan. This place seems like it can’t catch a break. The “East Coast” sandwich shop was a laughable to this East Coast family transplant. I hope this fairs better.

  4. so I stopped by again yesterday and tried the torta.
    I dunno about you, but I feel like every restaurant serves the torta a different way. Because of that, its pretty hard to actually put them against each other.

    I ordered the carnitas torta which had good flavor, mixed with some avocado and jalapenos. All the ingredients kind of just fused together. Bread was dense, but grill pressed.

    It was a decent sandwich, although a lil bit small. It didn’t really resemble much of other tortas i’ve had elsewhere. This was more like a mexican panini.

  5. Had the small al pastor con pineapple torta….it was delicious….i only wish i had gotten the large size.

  6. I went on Saturday- their distributor hadn’t yet loaded them up on all their menu items but they hoped to have everything ironed out this week. I wound up trying a torta milanesa and got the large. It was a lot of food. Good torta- reminded me of the ones I used to get in Mexico when I lived there long ago. (Great beans on the inside)

    I’ll definitely go back and try more items soon. I’m already liking it 100X more than Jerseys – and it’s cheaper than they were.

  7. Pretty cool that you can also learn a bit of Spanish via the bilingual menus!

    Wish they had Horchata on the beverage selection….

  8. Yay! I’m from a small So Cal beach city and
    am so missing Mexican food!

  9. Had the pulled pork torta and my husband had the carne asada torta – very, very tasty. My husband went back on Monday for another! Much, much better than Jerseys and more value for money. Hope they can make it – nice to have a place so close!

  10. 7am to 5pm? and not open on Saturday?

    What kind of business model for a mexican joint is that?

  11. Talked to an employee at Green Apple today who said he likes the food so much he’s been back two days in a row.

  12. Went last Sunday for a carnitas torta and burrito al pastor. Both very good, and the folks working the place were very nice. I do not understand being closed on Saturdays, though- seemed like Jerseys did 90% of their business during the weekend.

  13. Finally! there once was a large sign on in the empty store front (the old 7-11) at 10th and clement, begging for a burrito joint to go in there . . . but this’ll hopefully have to do.

  14. there once was a large sign on in the empty store front (the old 7-11) at 10th and clement, begging for a burrito joint to go in there . . . but this’ll hopefully have to do.

  15. I live half a block from this spot and have been wishing for a Mexican spot in the Inner Richmond for years! I went to La Ciudad the morning it opened and got a pulled pork torta. Some other commenters were right – it was different than other tortas I’ve had, a little closer to a Cuban pressed sandwich, but it was delicious, and the small was filling (for me) for under 6 bucks. The family was so nice, too.They open at 7 a.m., probably to get some business from the bus stop in front. I am so happy to have these guys in the ‘hood and are looking forward to sampling their menu!

  16. finally went there today . . . I am a fan of “super-burritos” so was a tiny bit shocked when I got (my regular) it and it seemed as big as my big toe.

    If they keep getting busy, they will easily out-grow their space. it looked like they were all crammed in there and the wait was––well, luckily it was sunny as the wait seemed a tad long––it’s like they only have room for one guy to make one item at a time.

    I have often thought of starting a door to door campaign to rid the area of all things plastic, so it was a little bit of a bummer to see plastic utensils in there, as well as the ugly plastic bags . . .

    Also, they could stream-line their debit/credit process by just getting a ‘Square” account . . . then they wouldn’t have to play around with the antiquated little machine they had.


  17. Their hours seem really odd. They close at 5pm on weekdays and aren’t open on Saturdays. I feel like a restaurant in a residential neighborhood like ours should try to cater to people who work typical hours. They should close later so people can pick up a weekday dinner.

  18. For all of you reading this post:
    WE ARE CLOSSING AT 8:00 P.M. ON WEEK DAYS, and trying to do the best for you and us.
    Just give us time to adapt our new routine to your lovely neighborhood.

  19. I forgot. Thank you for all and every one of your reviews.

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