Local links: Fairy door website, free yoga, weapons seized, street history & more

Sundays in GGP by Methanie Dempsay Binder | April 2013 | Copyright 2013

Happy Friday to all! We hope you’ve been out enjoying this incredible weather. Here are a few local links to kick off what we hope is a great weekend. – Sarah B.

  • Everyone’s favorite elf/fairy door in the Golden Gate Park Concourse now has its own website at faerydoor.net. It’s run by the father and son duo who first installed the door. They’ve already responded to some of the fan mail that’s been left at the door. We were also told another door is in the works for the park – keep your eyes open out there!
  • Need to relieve stress and decompress? Head over to the Richmond District Neighborhood Center on Saturday mornings for free yoga. Classes take place from 10–11:30am at the RDNC headquarters, 741 30th Ave.
  • History buffs, this one is for you! Ever wondered why our streets are named the way they are? San Francisco native Noah Veltman created an interactive map that lets you find out the history behind our street names. For instance did you know Geary Boulevard was named for John W. GEary, first mayor of San Francisco, elected in 1850?
  • Canine wishes: Blog reader Henry P. sent us this earlier in the week – “I would like to ask your permission to post a message of sincere gratitude to our Richmond district neighbors who helped our rescued and much-loved family dog, Mosby, as it passed away on Geary and 25th, due to a traffic accident. I really would like to convey our thanks to the kindness of strangers, despite our pain.” R.I.P Mosby 🙁
  • We’re hearing about two business closures in the neighborhood. Fredy’s Deli on La Playa out by the beach has been closed for over two months, despite a sign saying that they would reopen last month. Readers tell us they heard the owner, Fredy, is ill. Let’s hope he gets well soon and reopens – folks miss his little deli! We also got word from reader Derek that the Java Source Coffee House on Clement near 5th is either closed for good or remodeling. That place has always been a bit of a mystery to us…
  • One gun leads to another… SFAppeal reported this week on an arrest in Foster City that led police to an extensive weapons stash in the Richmond District. “A subsequent search of a San Francisco residence in the 3000 block of Cabrillo Street yielded two more assault rifles, one rifle, one shotgun, 12 revolvers and semi-automatic handguns of various calibers, and approximately 10,000 rounds of ammunition.”
  • The Examiner stopped by Trad’r Sams on Geary to interview bartender Fred Sor about their drinks, patrons and Asian movie nights. “Q: Do you get any “crusty, old salt”-type characters? A: Well we usually open by noon, so yeah, some of those.”


  1. “Java Source Coffee House on Clement near 5th is either closed for good or remodeling. That place has always been a bit of a mystery to us…”

    Well, when I arrived in the neighborhood, it was the sort of burrito place that people have been asking for — pretty good, or at any rate cheap and large-portioned. There followed a few other things I only vaguely remember except for an endearingly awful Irish breakfast & lunch place, before becoming a coffeehouse that, at first, rivaled Blue Danube and Toy Boat in its wonderfulness… eventually it went to seed a bit, and eventually, after a change of owners I assume, became the Chinese Smoking-Cafe of recent memory.

  2. Henry P. – Sorry for the loss of your Mosby. 🙁

  3. Did anyone notice yet the dreaded “Closed for Remodeling” sign on Shanghai Dumpling King way on outer Balboa Street? They say they will reopen soon, and also say “Don’t worry, we will be opening a new location at [600 block of] Monterey Blvd.” Not clear if that means they are moving out of the neighborhood, or remodeling their existing space and opening a second location. Monterey Blvd. is a sleeper location not known for its dumplings…yet.

  4. @Ben in SF – Shanghai Dumpling will be reopening.

    Sarah B.

  5. Murasaki sushi on Clement near 3rd has been closed for about a month with a sign on the door that says the owner is ill.

  6. Thanks for the word. Good place for dumplings with summer fog whistling by. Every kind of street tree they plant on Monterey Blvd. leans to the east from the steady wind.

  7. The second location for Shanghai Dumpling King is on the NE corner of Monterey and Gennessee. Lo and behold, they were open when I drove by the other day. (There has been a pair of Chinese restaurants at that corner for as long as I can remember. For many years the NW corner was Emmy’s in their heyday before they moved to Ocean Ave.). Good luck to SDK on their Richmond District renovations!

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