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Giant eucalyptus tree falls on Park Presidio near Geary

Photo by Talia J.

Early Friday evening, around 6:10pm, a giant eucalyptus tree fell into the southbound lane of Park Presidio between Geary and Anza.

Reader Talia J. (@Mycrobecatnip) snapped this pic, and said “Fortunately no cars hit”.

Which is really an understatement since it was during the commute hour. What a thoughtful tree.

Sarah B.

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6:17 pm | Posted under Photos, Traffic | 10 comments
  1. Mark T said (05/17/13; 6:38 pm):

    I was stuck in the traffic it caused coming home today…AND its friday!

    It it was so thoughtful, it would have happened late at night during the park presidio closures ;-p

  2. Talia said (05/17/13; 6:53 pm):

    The tree fell directly in front of the 28 bus. The driver was all “screw this sh*t” and drove up over the median to get around it.

  3. fiddles said (05/18/13; 1:26 pm):

    Great comments, Sarah!

    Mark, if it had happened during the closure, there would have been a higher chance of hitting a human(s) not protected in an automobile!

  4. 4thGenRichmond said (05/18/13; 7:43 pm):

    If the City hadn’t eliminated the position of Arborist in order to increase headcount in the Health and Human Services departments, we might not have this happen so frequently. Gardeners and Groundskeepers are neither trained nor qualified to prune trees.

  5. Kay said (05/18/13; 10:28 pm):

    @4thGenRichmond you’re always such a downer.

  6. Derek said (05/18/13; 10:42 pm):

    “Kay said:
    @4thGenRichmond you’re always such a downer.”

    Punny Kay, very punny……

    Sorry I just couldn’t resist.

  7. Jean said (05/19/13; 4:58 pm):

    This is scary. I hope the department responsible for tree maintenance tells us what steps they’ll be taking to make sure this never happens again. We’re very lucky no one was killed or hurt.

  8. Rudeen Monte said (05/20/13; 4:52 pm):

    Before we blame the City…anybody ready to overturn Prop 13?

  9. richmondreader said (05/22/13; 11:39 am):

    Re Prop 13. Throwing more money for the City to spend isn’t a solution. I find that whenever we give them more money (See those endless Muni and park bonds), they continue to run into deficit spending and generally wasting taxpayer funds.

    The City should stop the give aways (free Muni for kids) and really take care of the nuts and bolts of running a City.

  10. Jean said (05/22/13; 7:45 pm):

    Isn’t the City responsible for keeping public spaces safe? Is so, then shouldn’t they be making sure that trees in places like Park Presidio won’t fall and put people and property at risk. If the City isn’t responsible for our infrastructure, then who is? Sure, it may impose a tax burden on us, especially those who can most easily afford it, but what’s the choice. A city with broken streets, dangerous trees, and a crumbling infrastructure?