Shed some lunchtime calories with “BollyBurn” at the Geary Dance Center

We got an email this week from Satish Panchal, the instructor for a new class at the Geary Dance Center called “BollyBurn”. Ho hum, we thought. But then we visited the site, saw the videos, and became very intrigued.

The website says, “BollyBurn is a fun, high intensity, dance-cardio, workout set to Bollywood music, that is suitable for dancers and non-dancers alike. The routines are choreographed for all fitness levels and age groups. The class is suited to those looking for an intense calorie burn, to sweat and engage/strengthen the core. BollyBurn is a total body workout and addresses hip, back and shoulder mobility.”

This looks fun! And a lot easier than the choreographed Bollywood movie dance scenes we’ve seen. 😉

Satish currently teaches just one class a week on Mondays at 12noon, but says he plans to add more classes if there is interest.

BollywoodBurn takes place at the Geary Dance Center, located at 5036 Geary. The cost is $15 per class. If that time doesn’t work for you, Satish also teaches BollyBurn at other locations and times in the city.

If you make it out to a class, let us know if you were able to tap into your inner Bollywood god or goddess!

Sarah B.

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